Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ironically, I'm excited to be surrounded by a bunch of women, which probably loses me any points I gained

A blog called When Fangirls Attack, described as "A Compilation of Articles about Women in Comics" has assembled a collection of responses to that bad-on-so-many-levels Mary Jane statue I discussed below.

My post is included, but there are many other witty and creative words as well. Many of them point out something SAP and I both missed: The figurine is barefoot, too. I suppose we're lucky she's not pregnant.

One of my favorite entries comes from a LiveJournaler called kadymae. Kady uses the statue to make a short speech on the subject of "Cheesecake" art, which she likes, vs, well, that statue, which she finds disgusting. She says (among other things):

Cheesecake has a certain playfulness, a certain light-hearted mischief to it that pandering lacks. She's the flirtatious woman trying to catch your eye, or maybe you're already in a relationship and she's impishly doing something to put a smile on your face. Or she's that cutie caught in an awkward, risque situation, and as soon as she extricates herself from it you'll both laugh about it.

The subject of cheesecake is always a person.

(emphasis Kady's)

To which I say: Yeah. Compare the statue if you will to those great DeCarlo pictures I posted earlier this week. What's the difference?

PS: Oh, and my Spidey 3 review made it into an earlier accumulation of posts on When Fangirls Attack too.

("When Fangirls Attack II: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Comics Shop...")

ETA: In a kind of Mobius Strip, this post has also been added to WFA.

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