Friday, February 29, 2008

And if there was any bloomin' chance of my backing Clinton, I'd say this squelches it

There's a gem to be found in this news item headlined
Gay Clinton Backers Defect to Obama, Eroding Her Base

``Obama has presented more detailed position papers on gay and lesbian issues than Clinton,'' said David Mixner, 61, a writer and activist who helped longtime friend Bill Clinton win over the gay and lesbian vote during the 1992 presidential race and who supported both of Hillary Clinton's successful Senate races in New York.

This time, Mixner is backing Obama. The Clintons have become ``a machine, and Obama's the young reformer,'' said Mixner, who joined Obama's campaign after initially supporting former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, 54, who dropped out of the Democratic race last month.

But none of that, though I agree with much of it, is what I mean. I mean this:
Clinton backers include ... Eileen Chaiken, producer and creator of the ``L Word,'' a Showtime television series about lesbians...

Emphasis mine. Anybody here need me to say any more?

As for why gays who once supported Clinton are turning to Obama, well for one thing, there's the plainly evident fact that he's got more "Elvis" in this election. There's some irony in that, given what a big fan Bill is.

But there's a certain "all the chickens come home to roost" aspect to this as well.
While many gay and lesbian voters remain loyal Clinton supporters, Mixner said, others remain angry over her previous support of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Some also still tie her to the military's ``don't ask, don't tell'' policy instituted during her husband's presidency, which reversed a campaign pledge he made to allow gays to serve openly.

That's right. Keep fucking with people because you think they'll never desert you during an election, and then watch what happens when they see a chance to win without you.

The second-greatest lead paragraph to a movie review ever

By Jim Emerson, editor of
If Russ Meyer had made "The Other Boleyn Girl," Anne and Mary Boleyn would have yanked some hair, scratched some eyeballs, walloped each other in their respective kissers, and the movie would have been all the better for it.

That's it, Ms. Clinton. That's exactly what you need to do.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has raised the possibility of a challenge to Texas' primary and caucus rules just days before the contest, drawing a warning against legal action from the state's Democratic Party.

Clinton political director Guy Cecil said he asked party officials to spell out the rules in memo form and to send them to both campaigns.

Texas party officials said they believed Cecil was threatening legal action and wrote a letter to him and to Obama senior strategist Steve Hildebrand reflecting that concern.

The letter also noted that many of Clinton's senior campaign advisers in Texas had helped to develop the rules governing the state's caucus system. A Texas party official also noted that former President Clinton won the state's caucuses in 1992 and 1996 following the same rules.

That's it, Ms. Clinton. Create the perception that your last desperate grasp for power is more important than the will of the people and the good of your party. Make it look as though you're willing to win on a technicality.

I say again: That's the other guys.

I do thank you, however, for continually silencing any remaining doubts I might have had, that my lack of faith in you is misplaced.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shorter Hillary Rodham Clinton

Vote for me, I'm female. Impressive, isn't it? Oh, and my husband got blow jobs from another woman. Vote for me.

Garfield - Garfield = Zen

Very Zen.

Check out the latest trailer for the new Disney-Pixar film, WALL•E.

I've been an animation fan pretty much all my life...and I still have no idea how they do it. I mean, I know how they do it, that is to say, I understand the process, in theory.

But I still don't know exactly how they can take a bunch of images like these and make them funny and cute.

Untitled II

From Jennifer Reed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally saw Pan's Labyrinth...

...which really ought to be called Faun's Labyrinth, or The Labyrinth of the Faun, but never mind...

I assume most of you reading this beat me to it. But if you haven't seen this yet, I urge you unreservedly to do so. It is both beautifully devastating and devastatingly beautiful.

Guillermo del Toro would appear to be well on his way to being one of my favorite film fantasy storytellers. I only qualify that because I've not yet seen most of his films, just this and Hellboy.

But I've just brought Devil's Backbone home, so further bulletins if and when they happen.

There's some irony in my liking his films so much. I noticed watching some of the score-only track of Hellboy just how well it worked as a wordless film.

On the director's commentary to ...Labyrinth, del Toro states emphatically that he always tries to tell his stories visually, even going so far as to say that he hates dialogue.

Well. Them's fighting words, where I live. Granted some can overdo it (cough, Kevin Smith, cough), but as a rule, I love great, smart and witty dialogue, from Shakespeare to Sorkin.

Filmmakers that brazenly eschew dialogue in favor of visuals, no matter how imaginative, to my mind tend to make wet-blanket FX fests.

Why then am I so spellbound by del Toro's pictures, when I have no love for such movies as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith?

I think because though del Toro may not chose to rely upon witty dialogue and the like...he has it in his quiver, as they say. He knows it when he hears it.

The dialogue here is sparse, yes, but (given that I have to assume through the translation) crisp.

My name is Ofelia.
Who are you?

Me? I've had so many names...
Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce.
I am the mountain, the forest and the earth.
I am...
I am a faun.
Your most humble servant, Your Highness.

BTW, I took these images from the official site for Doug Jones, the actor who played "the Faun" (above) and "Pale Man" (below). In both cases he is with Ivana Baquero as Ofelia.

If you find them as grand as I do, permit me to recommend you go see more of it, especially this perfect but little-used promotional art by Drew Struzan.

Jones is also the active part, though not the voice, of Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films.

Just as while Hellboy is a lovely film simply to look at, it also has some very witty lines: "How big can it be?" "I'll always look this good." In context, even "Oh, crap!" is very funny.

--BTW, how much am I looking forward to Hellboy II? Let me put it this way: More so (much) than Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: A New Beginning.

Films like this and the Lord of the Rings trilogy make me even madder about what directors like Lucas and Andrew Adamson do in the name of storytelling.

(and no, it has not escaped my notice that del Toro is "the likely director of the next two 'Hobbit' movies“)

These films have a sweep to them, sometimes in the way they appear, but always in the way they feel. They show that it is possible to make epic films with extraordinary vistas and still have characters that I care about and dialogue that doesn't make me want to give myself a lobotomy.

Now that's a kind of magic I can believe in.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Milk: It Does a Body Good.

Any of you reading who can get through this without laughing should be given a Sapphire the size of the moon*

Your Birth Month is September

Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years.

You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian.

Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love

Your gemstone: Sapphire

Your flower: Morning Glory

Your colors: Brown and deep blue

*Not by me, of course, but you should.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Flickr-blogging 3206

He had come to our land seeking only our love and cookies...sadly, he found only hatred and artificiality.


Wear your inside out

This is awesome. I don't know if it's somebody's original interpretation of the music, or just setting to it scenes from a movie or something that already existed, but it's Gabriel. And it's wonderful.

I thought of this song when I was playing "eyesy-closey" this morning, which is why I went looking for it. This has always been, in my opinion, one of his most special songs.

That's my President

Obama fights back on questions about his patriotism

Just read it.

You. Have. Got to be. Kidding me!

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader announced he was a candidate for president during an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press" Sunday.

Nader said he was launching a third party campaign, because he feels neither the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party are addressing ways to stop corporate crime, outrageous Pentagon spending or labor rights.

Nader ran third party campaigns in 2000 and 2004. Many Democrats still believed it was his campaign that cost Al Gore the 2000 presidential election by taking votes in Florida that would have gone to Gore.

Not to repeat myself, but I'm still wondering: When exactly did Ralph Nader become insane? And I voted for him in 2000 (Why? One word: Lieberman) and feel no shame about it--Gore was gonna take Washington anyway.

But at this point, does he really think he's doing more good than harm?

Dear Gwen: I must have the name of your decorator