Monday, January 31, 2011

The moron strikes back

Once again, I have received a comment from a critic of President Obama.

How's that Obama thing working out for you?

I won't pretend that every single thing he's done has been a winner with me, but...pretty good, actually.

BTW, the link in the poster's screenname leads to nothing. But searching that name suggests they are Rick Fader, an Ohio resident of Hungarian descent who fancies himself good with tools, and a graduate of Wayne High School in Huber Heights, OH (Class of 1988). God, I love what the internet has done to would-be anonymous cowards.

Anyway, as happens too frequently to be merely coincidence with these kinds of comments, he seems not to have cared that the post he's commenting upon is over two years old. I guess that he couldn't slow down long enough to notice that in his hurry to call me a


This is ridiculous, of course. If I were a moron, I'd be running NBC (and/or MSNBC).

To get back to this timely comment: He responds to my querying of the qualifications and experience of Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle by first using a snark term apparently favored by "birthers," then adds:
I mean at least [Obama] had experience as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER....Hahahaha What a JOKE.

Well, first of all, the American people chose President Obama. They must've thought he was experienced enough for them. John McCain and George H. W. Bush chose Palin and Quayle, respectively...and the American people made them pay for it to greater and lesser degrees.

But also, say what you will about Obama, and I've said some good and bad...but it's hard to deny he's smart. I mean, he's not an idiot. You can't say that about the other two.

Please don't hesitate to write if you have any other questions or witty observations.