Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'd act like this was crazy, but the truth is...

...I've known goth was dead (no play on words intended) since Betty & Veronica went that way.

And now Disney's getting into the goth biz.

Oh What a Circus

A conservative blogger saw 'socialist' books in the White House library. He photographed them, and crowed that he finally had evidence of Michelle Obama's leanings.

You kinda see it coming, don't you?

Turns out, the books have been in the library since Jackie Kennedy put them there. Which means through Nixon, Ford, Reagan and both Bushes.

Lousy commies.


As of this morning, this blog is ranked #2 if you do a Google search for "rational substance in relationship."

Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't figure this guy out at all...

You know...there are few things I like in life more than a truly perfect fool.

Let me explain what I mean.

It is not enough, simply to be a gay-hating moron... have to be a gay-hating moron who comes off like some bad SNL character from the past 25 years (in other words, an SNL character from the past 25 years).

You have to say things like (quotes via the War Room at Salon)

Human nature is a rational substance in relationship to the intelligible end of the reproductive act of reproduction.

OK. I'm pretty good with the words things (that example notwithstanding), but I've looked at his sentence forwards, backwards and sideways.

I can't even understand what he's trying to say for more than a third of it. And the part I do understand, he's wrong about:

Human nature is a rational substance...

Really. Humans including Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan? Including that sad fuck in Texas who couldn't just kill himself, no, he had to kill someone else along the way and injure a dozen others? Humans like Pamela Anderson and Sarah Palin?

Human nature is rational. Like hell.

(I don't even want to get into "the reproductive act of reproduction.")

And oh yes, there's more. After the GOP crowd, to their credit, start booing him:

"The lesbians at Smith College protest better than you do!"

He says it twice, even though it wasn't funny the first time. But again: I can't even figure out who this is meant to insult!

The said lesbians? But he's comparing them, favorably, to people in his own party.

Is he taking a shot at people booing him? Maybe...but in an really odd, praising-with-faint-damns kind of way.

(BTW, should any lesbians at Smith College happen to stumble across this entry, his turn of phrase was born to be on bumper stickers and T-shirts.)

This is what I mean when I speak of a perfect fool.

ETA: Just noticed that the prick is from my beloved home state of California, too, which is just the cherry on the cake...


Updating that story about the loon who called for my Senator to be hanged...the woman (!) who said that now says the remark was perfectly okay, because
"Nobody had a rope to hang Patty Murray,"
Oh, well all right then. I mean, I'd like to see Sarah Palin bled to death, so it'd be okay if I called for it a public rally, as long as nobody there has a knife that could do the job. Good to know.

That, BTW, was the woman's second or third attempt to get away from her own words. First
she denied to The Associated Press that she was the speaker, [then] said Thursday night that the rest of the statement was that she wanted to "hang Patty Murray, by vote."

Because that's an ordinary expression, something you hear every day.

Just as a side note: In the comments on that story, there's a fellow who tries to convince either the other readers or himself (I'm not really sure which)
that the majority of these tea party people are independents who are pissed off at both republicans and democrats. These are the SAME people who gave Obama his victory because independents crossed over and voted AGAINST Bushes term.

No, they're not. They just describe themselves that way for a smokescreen.
A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Wednesday also indicates that Tea Party activists would vote overwhelmingly Republican in a two-party race for Congress.

This begs the question: What if it was a three-party race?

The answer is: That would ensure the election of the Democratic candidate. :-)
The Democratic candidate gets 45 percent in both scenarios, but the GOP candidate's share of the vote drops from 47 percent in a two-way contest to just 33 percent with a Tea Party candidate on the ballot.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Okay, you got yer choice here.

You can read about how a pro-lifer equated rape to car theft.

Or you can watch nine minutes of a face on the comedian's Mount Rushmore.

I know which I'd do, but hey, freedom of choice...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patty Murray is my Senator, damnit.

So I don't like it when a bunch of loons call for her to be hanged. I do, however, like this:

"How many of you have watched the movie Lonesome Dove?," asked an unidentified female speaker from the podium. "What happened to Jake when he ran with the wrong crowd? What happened to Jake when he ran with the wrong crowd. He got hung. And that's what I want to do with Patty Murray."

How many of you are surprised that she didn't know it was a book, too?

Barack Obama is a big scaredy-cat chicken

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tells TIME that the President would be interested in appearing on "The Daily Show," but not on its Comedy Central counterpart "Colbert Report."

"I think the President would love to," Gibbs said when asked if President Obama would appear on "The Daily Show." "Just maybe not Colbert," he said.

Gibbs explained his reasoning for avoiding Colbert: "I have yet to see a politician best Stephen Colbert in an interview on his show. I mean, he's really, really good."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I can't think of a cute caption for this, just take my word for it and watch

Having openly naked hatred for the state of Tennessee carries with it certain responsibilities

One of these is that when its residents show signs of actually being peaceloving, caring and kind, you must also acknowledge this.

Per Think Progress:

Since the hate crime at Al-Farooq, however, there has been “outpouring of neighborly support” for the mosque, with neighbors helping to clean up the graffiti. “It made me sick to my stomach, because I don’t expect this in Nashville,” said resident John Tighe. At least 150 people — “including spiritual leaders from several faiths” — also went to an open house at the Islamic Center of Nashville on Saturday to learn more about the Islamic faith and pledge “support for local Muslims in the wake of last week’s defacement” of Al-Farooq.

Let it never be said that this blog was unfair.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Recommended reading:

On Rachel Maddow's reportage of "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Her executive producer, Bill Wolff, says Maddow gets just as exercised about wasteful weapons systems. "I don't think it's personal so much because she is gay and it's an issue of gay rights, but because it's an issue of military efficiency," he says.

If Maddow has an affinity for military issues, it may be because she is the daughter of an Air Force captain. She is writing a book on the military and politics. The key to her approach has not been standing on her soapbox, which would be predictable, but humanizing the issue by featuring men who want to serve their country -- and happen to be gay.

"I prefer having dissenting voices speak to Rachel on an issue," Wolff says. "We have a difficult time sometimes booking folks who don't agree with Rachel."

I'll bet.

Maddow accepts the fact that some critics believe she must be biased on the subject. But she offers a simple response:

"I can't do the show as a non-gay person. I don't have that option."


Hollywood's latest remake of a film that doesn't need to be remade...


Yes, Arthur. The well-nigh untouchable award-winner from 1981.

And who are they getting to fill the shoes of Dudley Moore in his best role?

Russell Brand.

Russell fucking Brand.


The script of the original shines and sparkles, it's a classic. Based on this early review of the script of the's just sick.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How you know when you've made a really dumb mistake

Classic mix-up: NBC confuses Terry Fox and Michael J. Fox
By Trey Kerby

Terry Fox is a Canadian legend whose cross-Canada run, the Marathon of Hope, inspired Canadians while raising money for cancer research. Michael J. Fox is a Canadian actor who starred in the legendary "Back to the Future" trilogy and has become an advocate for Parkinson's disease research. They're pretty easy to confuse for each other. Right, NBC?

It's understandable to misspeak the name during a live setting, so we can give Meredith Vieira a pass. But the graphics are a little harder to explain, especially considering the broadcast actually showed Terry Fox before switching to the "Family Ties" star.

I'm guessing NBC would love to take a DeLorean back to last night to get this right. Zing!

You know how I know this was a really dumb mistake? Because, I don't care about, nor do I follow sports. In my own country, let alone the Canadlians. Many if not most of you know that.

But even I know who Terry Fox was.