Saturday, November 07, 2009

This needs to go viral

Ladies and gentlemen, the modern Republican party. They stand for nothing, and they stand in the way of everything.

By coincidence, Rep. Eshoo, there, represents a couple of places I used to live.

How do we feel about this hat, ladies?

If Sophie Monk is known for anything--and she's not, really, at least in this country--it's 'cause she's all curvy and everything. That's why she seems to have paparazzi watching her all day. Even though, as I say, I very much doubt you could find 10 people at any given USA supermarket who know who she is.

She's good-looking. This hat, however...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Heather, sweetie, about your career...

You know, it's actually gone okay. You don't need to break out the cans every .34 seconds anymore.

Stay with it til the last line, it's worth it

This video is a little better than the song, but I like the message, and the song certainly isn't awful. If I were still reviewing music I think I'd just say it has promise it never quite fulfills.

Hang on--I wasn't familiar with the band, so I just looked up their MySpace page. Apparently it's one of those Nickelodeon/Disney Channel type things; these girls are 13 and 14 years old.

In which case, they sound exactly the way they should, young teenagers are nothing but promise.

Care Bears On Fire "Barbie Eat a Sandwich"
Uploaded by 99dollarmusicvids. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

According to Wikipedia (and why would it lie?), they write most of their own material, too. That's it, I'm officially impressed.

Nobody said she wasn't wasn't gorgeous....

I must be slipping.

I'm now only the third top result if you Google "natalie portman annoying."

But I might have new reason to think she is: Looking ahead, she won't rule out plastic surgery.

You know, as she approaches 40.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

All right, you have my attention

One of these days, I simply must see Hayden Panettiere act in something.

She's just so darn cute.

(via The Superficial)

Do any of you remember this sitcom...

...from around 1984 called Double Trouble? Focusing on twins, it was basically a Patty Duke Show for the '80s. No one's going to claim it's any kind of lost classic, but one or two sequences do maintain a warm spot in the hearts of those of us who were just the right age when we saw them.

Like this one, for example.

God help me, I still remember the plot of this episode: The two girls each enter a dance contest which is to be broadcast on local television.

When one of the sisters--the "mischevious" one--suffers an accident and cannot perform, her twin--the "well-behaved" one--dances the other's somewhat raunchy routine (remember, this is 1984) under her sister's name:

The twins were played by Jean & Liz Sagal, who in real life are the younger sisters of Katey Sagal of Futurama & Married with Children fame. I think that's Liz dancing in the clip above.

Both continue to work in television, but have moved behind the camera as a writer (Liz) and director (Jean).

Keeping the Faith

God, I love Terry Gilliam movies.

If this one is outdone by "Tim Burton's" Alice in Wonderland, I'm sticking a dagger through my heart.

How to give a nerd an erection 2

Megan Fox...

...reading a comic book.

(via IDon'tLikeYouInthatway)

Goddess and country

Glad I could be there for you, kiddo

Natalie Portman sez:
"...When people think I suck, it helps.”

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Holy shit

Guys, it's over.

About an hour, hour and a half ago I was surfing over to IMDb to check on something else and I glanced, as I habitually do, at their little list of the top five films at the box office this weekend. Even though I'd already seen the preliminary list on Sunday. Something new had been added.

To be sure, I went and checked the Rotten Tomatoes version of the same list, and they concurred. Wheras before, Saw VI was still holding on by its fingernails to the fifth slot, apparently after all the coin had been counted, it was replaced by Where the Wild Things Are.

A Saw movie didn't make it into the ranks of the top five on Halloween weekend.

Saw's run of success is over.

It's time to let go.

Oh, good--so it's not just Cal and Jen

Canadians love Obama, but anti-Americanism dies hard

A pair of recently-released polls in Canada indicate U.S. President Barack Obama is more popular north of the 49th parallel than with his own citizens. But both surverys -- done to coincide with the first anniversary of Obama's election -- suggest that Americans themselves still don't fare so well with their critical neighbours.

...a Historica-Dominion Institute survey ... also indicates that the Canadian pathology of anti-Americanism is as alive, more or less, as in the past...

By god, sometimes I miss Shannon Elizabeth

Another sexually objectifying Halloween picture

Alyssa Milano as a fairy:


Oh say can you see...

Scottish actor David Tennant is making his way into American homes very soon. The actor who is best known for his role as Dr. Who in the famous British sci-fi television show of the same name has won the lead role in the hour long NBC lawyer comedy entitled, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer.

Written by Andrew Leeds and David Lampson, “Rex” centers on Rex Alexander (Tennant), a top Chicago litigator who begins suffering panic attacks and takes up coaching clients to represent themselves in court.

Proposed: Is Kate Winslet the most perfect woman in the world?

Well, look at the facts. Sexy. Alluring. Muliple award-winning. Curvy, like a girl should be curvy.

Plus, when newspapers lie about her, she sues their ass and wins $40,000.

More cause for pride

As of this morning, this blog is the number one answer if you do a Yahoo! search for "kim kardashian+bimbo."

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Despite what may appear to be the case...

Christina Ricci does not, I repeat, does not have a tattoo of the word "Fuck."

Actually, it says "Jack." And I don't know what that's all about.

(Click to view full size)

It's probably for the best, however, because if a young woman as generally sweet-breasted, curvy and real woman sexy as Miss Ricci also had such a tattoo...

...on her upper thigh, yet...she would probably cause more than a few men simply to collapse.

And Anna Friel's got that covered.

People who deserve to wake up in a Jigsaw trap

Oh, fuck.

Y'know...I knew that Saw VI hadn't opened well, but I held out some hope that surprisingly good reviews and word of mouth might extend its life over Halloween.


After last weekend's disappointing opening, Saw VI dropped nearly a whopping 61% over the Halloween weekend box office, taking in a paltry estimated $5.56 million (per Box Office Mojo). The usually dependable horror franchise has yet to even surpass the miserable remake of The Stepfather in total box office. Could it be that audiences have finally tired of Jigsaw's games?

I'd imagine that a certain amount of finger-pointing has been going on this past week or so at the Lionsgate (they distribute the Saw films) offices...

No! She's only 10, for Christ's sake!

Last year around this same time, I ran a picture of Kate Beckinsale trick-or-treating with her daughter, noting that it was kind of adorable.

This year, we have pictures of the whole family.

That's Beckinsale's husband, and stepfather to her daughter, Len Wiseman, as The Crow.

Between you and me, I don't really get the whole "Crow" thing--and if I were an actress, I'd think a long time about getting anywhere near it. Didn't do Tara Reid any good.

Beckinsale herself, as you will see, is dressed as Adam Ant, of which, of course, I wholeheartedly approve.

Any girl that I marry will have to agree to dress up like Adam Ant at least one night a year anyway, so it might as well be Halloween.

Finally, we come to the daughter...

...who is dressed as "Little" Nell Campbell in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

That's not right.

His disease is spreading.

One of the traps in the new Saw movie (yes, I'm talking about that again) is a sortofa kinda hat. More like a headpiece, really, which is also attached to the wearer's cheek by way of a sensor.

It works on its intended "victim" by driving a metal spike into the back of their skull, should they fail to smile broadly enough.

Oh, okay, yes, I'm lying.

That's not actually a Jigsaw trap.

It's real.

Celebs in Halloween Costume

Emmy Rossum and Michelle Trachtenberg, 2008

I'm not sure who Rossum was supposed to be other than a generic girl goofball, but Trachtenberg was obviously "slut" Sandy from the end of Grease.

Here's Emmy again, this time from 2006:

As the zombie next door.

And Anne Hathaway, in 2004

As Cleopatra.