Saturday, October 20, 2007

They set the bar kind of low at the Trinity College Philosophical Society in Dublin

NAOMI Campbell is going to college - at least for a day. Trinity College in Dublin has invited the hot-tempered model to speak, according to Anderson Antunes of "The Trinity College Philosophical Society has invited none other than Naomi to speak about philosophy," the online gossip reports. "This is very weird because Trinity College is one of the most respected and famous universities in Europe.

Anne Hathaway stopping traffic

That was two months and 15 days since running an image of Anne Hathaway...whew!

Odd websites to which I'm linked

The "Life After the Oil Crash Forum."

I'm a post-post-modern man...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We are not Laughlin with you, we're Laughlin at you

"Viva Laughlin" may be the biggest waste of proven talent I've seen on TV since "Twins" two years ago.

We've got Hugh Jackman, Melanie Griffith & WMOA M├Ądchen Amick in front of the camera and behind it, we've got, Jackman again (as producer) and, as co-creator and writer of the pilot...Bob Lowry.

Lowry is the creator of "Huff" and writer of its best episodes, so you can imagine how deep is my sigh before admitting just how laughable (unintentionally as far as I can tell) his new series is.

Where did they go wrong? Well, let's start with the musical performances. Yes, "Viva Laughlin" is sorta kinda a musical. I call it "sorta kinda" because it doesn't use music like a real musical, like "Singin' in the Rain." But it doesn't use it like a modern TV drama either.

In one the performers sing songs, in the other songs are used in the background. In this show, the songs-well-known hit recordings by the likes of the Rolling Stones-play in the background...and the performers sing along. Yes.

At no time do we fully lose the voices of Debbie Harry or Elvis Presley...but we can't fully enjoy them either, because Griffith or alleged lead actor Lloyd Owen is sucking them up.

And oh yes, about Owen...picture Mark Singer plus David Boreanaz minus any charisma whatsoever.

I don't remember when I've been more repulsed by a performance and character (the name doesn't help: "Ripley Holden" is an unspeakably awful name for a character).

Owen is that bad, but Lowry shares the blame, he can come up with quality material...but hasn't here. For any of them.

Why yes, I do read and review a lot of books

The newest is Before I Die, by Jenny Downham.

Lauren Graham has beautiful hair...among other things

Observed after watching her on the "Craig Ferguson" show

Young actress Jena Malone is the result of cloning stem cells from Winona Ryder, Mary Stuart Masterson, and a bobble-head doll.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is awesome!

A talented DJ called DJ Earworm put together a "Mash-up" of about 22 different songs from artists including Ace Of Base, Mammas and the Papas, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Donna Summer, Maroon5, Eminem, The Who, Madison Avenue, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, Irene Cara, Kanye West, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jason Mraz and Phil Collins.

It works brilliantly.

The video was made by a YouTuber named Kyle Klein.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm a miserable failure as an '80s man


I think you should refresh your memory of 80's bands and come back and retake the test..hmmmm, I bet you failed your Driver's test as well on the first try didn't you??

How Well Do You Know your 80's Bands?
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I must admit, he was fantastic on "The Colbert Report"

My second time taking a (different) "select a candidate" quiz tells me again that the candidate whose positions are most in harmony with my own remains Dennis Kucinich. But it moves Chris Dodd up from seventh to second place.

John Edwards remains in third, but Bill Richardson moves up from eighth to fourth. Mike Gravel slides down from two to five, Hillary Clinton takes a dive from four to six, Barack Obama hits seventh, followed again by Joe Biden.

Rudy Giuliani scored highest for me on this quiz amomg Republican candidates, which ought to tell me something about the sheer unlikelyness of my ever voting for a Republican candidate. I think he's kind of despicable, so if he's the best they can offer me...

He's followed by Ron Paul, who beat him out on the other quiz, and then Mitt Romney.

And the rest (in order):

Jim Gilmore, Sam Brownback, John McCain, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee.

I've run out of funny ways to say this

Holly Hunter is so sexy she makes me tingle.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A funny sitcom. Who knew?

I got a real kick out of Samantha Who?, the new sitcom starring WMOA Christina Applegate, back on TV after way too many movies in which she played the supporting, "best friend" roles.

Here she plays an amnesiac that discovers the woman she was turns out to have been a cheating, alcoholic bitch.

In an age when sitcom success and comic acting ability don't always go together (Charlie Sheen?) Applegate is a breath of fresh air: Someone who actually is what most women sitcom stars want to be but are not.

She's beautiful, yes, but with great comedy timing, both in what she says and what she does.

Ok, so you've gotten the impression that I like Applegate...but that didn't make me a fan of Jessie. And I know she won an Emmy for one of her Friends appearances as Rachel's sister, but I don't think any of them touched her work as a Bundy.

Yes, Applegate is good, but the writing (show creators are Donald Todd and Cecelia Ahern) on Samantha Who? gives her a place to be good.

The first episode used her qualities to better effect than I have seen since the great days of Married...with Children. And although this is definitely a star vehicle, the other actors aren't left standing around.

In fact, one of the best jokes in the pilot goes to Jean Smart and Kevin Dunn as Samantha's parents. Cluelessly trying to bond with them (though we learn they hadn't spoken in years prior to the accident that caused her coma and subsequent memory loss), Samantha says, "You made me who I am."

And her mother, insulted, replies, "That is a terrible thing to say!"
"Apologize to your mother," her father adds.

The bottom line is Samantha Who? is funny. As in, I actually laughed. Out loud. And more than I have at any two other comedies I've seen this season.

Good night to go on Media Matters

Hey guys, seen this? Good old CBS. They never let me down when it comes to screwing up. Now it looks like they're actually taking dictation from the right-wing page WorldNetDaily.

ETA: To be fair, CBS News does also employ Lara Logan, who continues to make me so hard both as a reporter and as a woman...


For the record, looks like Friday Night Lights are dimming again.

Random Flickr Blogging: 0567

Cuteness overload!

(original source)

Caption this photo

"Talk to dolphins, ask their help! Go sleep in a bed of kelp! Go, Aquaman!"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My favorite color gets a good job

Being worn (and stood in front of) by Eliza Dushku.

[shudder] That's _very_ disturbing.

So I'm checking the old sitemeter to see what recent referrals have brought visitors to this blog. As one does. At 8:50 am this morning, a visitor from Houston, Texas, stopped here briefly because DiD turned up on a Live Images search for

rosie odonnel nude

I'm not sure which part of that knowledge I find more disgusting, that someone was looking for it, or that it led them to my blog. Need I add that it did so because I have mentioned Rosie O'Donnell, and I have used the word "nude," but never-never, ever-together?