Friday, January 14, 2011 can always depend upon Tennessee

Think Progress:

Tennessee Tea Party Demands School Curriculum Not Focus Too Much On The ‘Minority Experience’

You know, as I read this I'm reminded that in my play The Girl in the Boat, there is a fleeting reference to a never-seen character named José. When the play was produced in the insane state, I was asked to change the name, on the grounds that apparently, there were no Mexicans in Knoxville, Tennessee. Somewhat to my later chagrin, I agreed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Better to change my sign than my sex, I suppose.

In September 2009, I linked to-

Sex and relationship monthly astrology: Virgo

--Virgo being my astrological sign at the time and indeed for most if not all of my life. Now that I'm a Leo, I thought it might be amusing to visit the newly-relevant page...

How to attract and date a Leo man: A Leo man needs a woman who is grounded in reality and can help him keep his feet on the ground...

Yeah, that's fair.

...Usually the royal Lion's romances do not last that long, when his emotional ideals of a grand and magnificent romance coming crashing to reality.

Well, that's kind of a bummer, if not exactly untrue. I do like being called "The royal Lion," tho, I admit it...

Sex will never be dull with a Leo, though, and they will master every move they know.


Oh please, Tom. If we had that kind of power, do you think we'd waste it on a small-time crook like you?

Tom DeLay: Liberals Sentenced Me To Jail