Saturday, August 16, 2008

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into the '93 beauty files...


Laura Dern. Dern isn't one of those women whose hotness jumps out at you like, say, Alexis Bledel. Bledel just looks like a movie and TV star, or a Tiger Beat cover girl.

Dern has more of that Maggie Gyllenhaal thing going on, wherein she looks like a regular person, just who every now and then manages to look like a pinup.

Dern most recently appeared as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris in the HBO film, "Recount." I haven't seen it, but the film was nominated for 11 Emmys, including a nod for Dern. A role in "Jurassic Park IV" is also said to be in the works.

Now married to musician Ben Harper (that's right, she moans, "Oh Ben," when she...oh hell, I'm not gonna finish, I'm better than I'm not) and a mother.

She was quoted recently as having said

"It's really fun to act like a bimbo. But it's fun to act like a bimbo only when people know that you really aren't one.

Andie MacDowell

Is she worth it? When she's in a good film ( Short Cuts, Sex, Lies & Videotape), MacDowell can actually be quite a winning actress. I've often said that I consider Groundhog Day to be the first Bill Murray movie in which I bought the romance.

When she's in a bad movie though (Bad Girls)...she can't help.

She has got nice laugh lines around her eyes...

...and her nipples appear to be made out of adhesive, which must come in handy.

MacDowell joins Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer and others in trying to stay sexually desirable (in Hollywood) after 50. I don't know if this'll help that or hurt it, but a male colleague from her modeling days has recently published a memoir, in which he reportedly kisses-and-tells about a night they spent together.

Kate Winslet dressed.


I never thought I'd say this, but Kim Kardashian somehow manages to make that outfit look cheap

Sixteen happiness

Funny, smart women who can write, like the much-missed Molly Ivins.

Sarah Shahi is so smoking hot she may actually make my favorite color burst into flames



Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy crap.

The good news: This is the greatest-looking used book store I've ever seen.

The bad news: It's in Scotland.

(You'll need to scroll down)

Amazing waterfalls and lovely women

I think we've all wondered about this:

Fashion Victim by ~The-Lovely-Hearts on deviantART

Lovely (01)
Originally uploaded by

I don' ; t savent vraiment qui c'est, mais je la respecte profondément.

Now that's a cheap shot.

"Clone Wars" isn't even as entertaining as the "Empire Strikes Back" game for the Atari 2600 back in the mid-‘80s.

From this attack on George L.

Methinks they're taking this a bit too seriously.

"the most anticipated event of the year"?

I anticipated the new Star Wars movie...which I hope to give a miss, but may be seeing with my nephew...more than this.

They are cos92med heroes, hear them roar

1992 :

Jasmine, Aladdin. Sexiest Disney character ever. (That's right, I said it.)

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

hear me roar
Originally uploaded by trixiebedlam
Halle Berry is sexyhotter than Pfeiffer, to me, and a better actress (again, in mine humble opinion), but comic book movies have not done as well by her,
And especially this role.

Fifteen happiness

Anne Hathaway in pure white...thank you god

Anne Hathaway picture
Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway picture
Anne Hathaway

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stars in my eyes

Pin the tail on Poppy Montgomery.


You know, Audrey Tautou is very appealing.

I'm the first person to notice that, right?

Jessica Simpson: Big breasts as art form.

Liz Phair feels that you've been ignoring her since she sold out.

EDITED w/ ADDITION: Because the media have 24 hours a flippin’ day to kill...

They give publicity to shit smears like this guy.

If they just reported the truth, and just talked to people who had some education as to what they were talking about, it wouldn’t take up more than 20 minutes.

This is why when I think of the people who lit the match that destroyed America, I think of one name: Ted Turner. He invented CNN and the 24-hour news cycle, and thus we lost context and perspective.

It’ll never happen, Pandora’s box being impossible to close, but I often wish I could somehow take us back to one news report at the end of the day. And the media forced to make their limited time on-camera actually count for something.

But, why waste time fantasizing…

ETA: I would like to revise and expand upon my earlier remark that Corsi is a shit smear. What I meant is that he is a bigoted, white-power loving, interracial-sex hating shit smear.

Thanks for your time.

Well, that would explain a lot

Dig this excerpt from a GQ & A with Aaron Sorkin:
Have you met Obama? What do you make of him?

The first time I met Barack Obama—I should say the only time I've met Barack Obama—was a year ago, when he was doing fifty-person-cocktail-party fund-raisers. He flattered me by saying, "My intention is to steal a lot of your lines."

(Emphasis mine-BV)

My prediction is he's just going to blow the doors off the place in Denver. ...I don't need to tell you that I'm a big fan of oratory. A big part of leadership is the goose-bump experience. We've been missing that.

I also like that Sorkin doesn't blame others when he doesn't write well:

Why didn't Studio 60 work?

I made too many mistakes. I would give anything to go back and get another bite of that apple.

He's also gentlemanly about Tina Fey, as I would expect him to be (even if I'm not always capable of it), and mentions something about a possible new show on HBO...

91ctures of nearly nude babes

(yes, I'm trying to increase my whorely--I mean, hourly visits)


Linda Hamilton. James Cameron created what I like to call "the Sigourney Weaver/Linda Hamilton workout," picked up by such actresses as Laura Dern in Jurassic Park and Natalie Portman in Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones.

In short, it's where girls get tough; dirty and hot.

There's a rumor that Hamilton will make an appearance or appearances in the new Terminator movies.

Personally I don't buy it, and if it is true, I'm not sure it's a good idea.

Geena Davis.

She may not have picked a lot of great vehicles in the past 25 years (look at the first two pictures below if you don't believe me, to refresh your memory).

Originally uploaded by emilie margaret

but damn, could the girl wear panties.

--unsurprisingly, she's a former model in the Victoria Secret's Catalogue.

Cute as a button, too. More noted recently for her extra-acting activities, such as almost making the 2000 US Olympic Archery team.

This seemed worth mentioning

US troops donate more to Obama than McCain

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US troops, stationed both abroad and in the US, have donated more money to Democrat Barack Obama than to decorated war hero Republican John McCain, a study published Thursday showed.

The study by the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan research group, showed that by the end of June, Obama had received six times more from soldiers stationed abroad than Vietnam war veteran McCain, who comes from a prestigious military family.

Even McCain's former rival for the Republican nomination, Ron Paul, who opposed the Iraq war, had managed to garner more funds.

Read more.

Fourteen happiness

It makes me happy that I'm not forgotten.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sha90n share alike

I'm naming three this time, just 'cause...y'know...I can.


Sharon Stone.

Face it, Sharon Stone was Hollywood in the 1990s: Sexually uninhibited, sick, and scary. Photobucket

Of course, I may be drawing an unfair parallel between Stone and her sex-symbol characters, but if the underwear (doesn't) fit...

Nowadays she's facing a $1 billion dollar lawsuit for her less-than-well-thought-out remark that the China earthquake which killed 70,000 people was "Karma," as well as facing being an "older woman" in Hollywood. I wonder which is more threatening to her self-esteem?

Penelope Ann Miller.

Always on the cusp, this one. She had roles in films that were well-regarded or successful, but rarely both, and she never quite got the role that would've pushed her over the top.

This is a crime. A petty crime, perhaps, but a crime nevertheless. She seems now to have vanished from the scene.


Thirteen happiness

My investigations into Zen and Alan Watts and meditation and the Tao & Philosophy give me some happiness. At fleeting moments, it makes me feel in touch with the universe. This is brilliant. Even if it's bullshit, it's brilliant (many things are one and the same all at the same fact, you could go so far as to say it's true of humanity).

It makes me feel OK and comfortable (again...this is at its best, or perhaps I should say at my best).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It takes a special person to talk about a married man who had an affair and still be more in the wrong than the married man.

I'm talking about, sadly, the Edwards, about whom Rush Limbaugh had this to say:
"We know -- we've been told that Elizabeth Edwards is smarter than John Edwards. That's part of the puff pieces on them that we've seen. ...It just seems to me that Edwards might be attracted to a woman whose mouth did something other than talk."

I repeat: Wow. Leave it to Rush "the abuses at Abu Ghraib were no worse than a Madonna show, and I like to pick on little girls" Limbaugh.

Once you get past the stunningly insulting nature of this, you get to what a perfect x-ray it is for the kind of guy Limbaugh apparently is, which is the kind of guy for whom smart plus funny plus woman equals no suggestion of sexuality whatsoever.

I'm not saying I'm surprised...

Obviously, John Edwards' halo is not just tarnished--it's laying at his feet in pieces. But even if Edwards is no longer a hero, I’d like to thank Rush Limbaugh for reminding us all just who's wearing the black Spider-Man suit nowadays.

she knows how to use them...

she knows how to use them...
Originally uploaded by vrot01
Why do the words "before swine" come to mind?

Whoohoo men! I mean BEN!

Naturally, I'm touched by this unexpected show of support.

Amazons of '89

1989 : Kim Basinger. Unfortunately in the news more these days because of her knock-down-bare-knuckle custody fight with Alec Baldwin than her movie roles, Basinger has all this...

...and talent, too. I take my hat off to her (in fervent hopes that she'll return the salute).

And speaking of salutes, for my second glorious woman today I would name Kylie, who back in 1989 was just the girl who'd had that novelty hit with the cover of 'The Locomotion.' Trouble is I talked about Kylie just a few days ago. So I'm gonna go with:

Now, to be absolutely fair, I have to admit that to me personally, Janet (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) was sexiest a few years earlier; during the Control era...I like her better when she's bouncy.

But she was still looking like someone it'd be fun to work up a sweat with in 1989. 15 years later...well, let's just say to me the worst thing about her breast popping out at the superbowl was the anticlimax.

Twelve happiness

(This is very PD)

Consciousness. My consciousness brings me happiness. Not all the time, no, but given a choice I'd rather have consciousness than not. Which rather goes without saying, but this post is turning out to be quite stream of...consciousness.

Early this year I was thinking about two kinds of consciousness. There's the monkey mind and then there's the human mind. Another way of thinking about it is what Alan Watts called spotlight consciousness vs floodlight. Spotlight is what you do because you're thinking about it, floodlight is what you can do without thinking about it.

Here's another question. Is our social consciousness linked to our private consciousness? I don't have a fully worked-out answer, but I shall close with a quote from Elvis:

it's the damage that we do
And never know
It's the words that we don't say
That scare me so

I would gladly pay you Tuesday

Monday, August 11, 2008

my friends say she's a dumb blonde, but they don't know she dyes her hair. she thinks the fighting in Central America's easily solved ..

but what to wear to Bel-Air premieres
is a problem she could never resolve...

Peek A Blue XV
Originally uploaded by

Of course, you can take it too far (Anna Nicole Smith), but have I ever mentioned that some women (Tonya 1994) have that white trash thing going on I find so attractive?

None of this is to be taken as a slur on the reputation of this innocent young woman who is, for all I know, quite intelligent.

But were I to judge her by her dress (and eye make-up)...I might well leap to an entirely unsupported conclusion.

From a suggestion by Corey K.


Rockets Red Glare
Originally uploaded by MEaves
I like this because it reminds me of sort of a Muppety Dr. Seuss thing.

The Airhead
Originally uploaded by
That's the most shaming, reproachful-looking dog I've ever seen.

exploding sky rocket
Originally uploaded by incheye1971
I just like this.


Suggested by Corey K.

That's strange...all of a sudden, I feel like a snow cone...

(Yes, that was Eva Amurri tit joke number god-knows-how-many-of-god-knows-how-many-to-come. I would stop, but baby, look what I'm working with...)

One more way to remember Soul Man Isaac Hayes

NPR has a fun 1994 interview.

Debbie n88ked

Ok. I decided I want to do kind of a reverse of the "Women my own age" thing I did last year. So what I'm gonna do each day between now and September is go back through the past 20 years.

For each year, I'll name two women who were--let's not be coy--making me hard at the time, with "where are they now" updates.

So, we'll start with:


Debbie (never Deborah, I don't care what she says, she'll always be Debbie to me) Gibson.

Musically, Gibson looks like an under-appreciated genius only when compared to the likes of say, Tiffany or Britney Spears.

But she always had that girl-next-door, slightly prominent nose thing goin' on, and I dig that. Plus, who knew that some 15-odd years later...

Elisabeth Shue. She's just a full-on woman, you know what I mean?

Shue has a role in Hamlet 2, opening next week, as...well, watch the trailer if you haven't yet, it's really funny.

(and in a case of Christians further becoming parodies of themselves, the movie is reportedly being protested by a"growing list of churches and Christian ministries." This, as we know, motivates me to see it just a little bit more.)

RFB hiatus blogging two

Got a good suggestion or two last week, so just like then, leave 'em in the comments.

Eleven happiness

Sunday, August 10, 2008

By a remarkable coincidence, said List has just been updated

For those who may wish to know, two pieces of information (and an ask).

One, my birthday is September First.

Two, if you look over to the right there and click the View my complete profile link you'll find, among other things, a link to my Wish List.

If you're amazed at the quality of posts on this site (I know I am), please consider making a small donation to the Buy Ben DVDs, Books and CDs Fund. I thank you.

Soul Man

Isaac Hayes, the great songwriter and actor, has died. Here's just a few ways to remember him.

A great recording of "Look of Love" (coupled with a not-so-great might want to just listen to this one)

This one though, you should watch. The man's a picture of music and form in motion. Here's Hayes at a jazz festival in 1997 bringin' the funk to a little something called..."Shaft!"

(Note to self: Watch Carpenter's "Escape From New York" tonight.)

And finally, I'm sorry Hayes left South Park under such a cloud of dispute. Here's a short clip from the episode "Die, Hippie, Die." His role in it is small, but he delivered it perfectly, as he almost always did.

Rest in peace, big guy.

*(I would've embedded the clip, but Comedy Central's embeddable player sucks beyond all previously accepted definitions of sucking)

Ten happiness

If you've been reading my blogs even a few months, you know how I feel about Godspell, so I'm not going to take you through it all again. I do want to say a few words of introduction to the song I'm about to embed, however.

It's called "Beautiful City," and it was first written for the film version (which is the clip you're going to see). In the days after September 11, 2001, the song became a popular choice for use in memorial services and benefits for victims of the attacks.

Writer Stephen Schwartz became unsatisfied with the lyric he had written in later years, and wrote a new one which was used in stage productions that incorporated the song thereafter. I respectfully disagree with Schwartz on this point.

He reportedly thinks the original lyric is "too sentimental." I know what he means but for me a huge part of the appeal of Godspell has always been that it goes over and around all cynicism. For me, it can't be too sentimental.

Here's "Beautiful City."

Good lord...

Anybody else remember when Scarlett Johansson used to act in good films a bit, instead of just periodically reminding us all how fine, real and hot her breasts are?

Yeah, me neither.