Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now that he has US magazine's "Favorite Female Newcomer" of 1982, can anything be done to stop the Obama juggernaut?

Supporter Heather Thomas shows an Obama temporary tattoo as she arrives at a fundraising event for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., in Los Angeles,

BTW...brace yourself: Thomas has written (allegedly) and sold a book. I think I'll take to my bed for most of the next week.

Art as the naked truth

Bill only just now figured this out

Bill Clinton warns country is becoming increasingly polarized

Do tell, Bill.

Little dudes are just eggs; we leave 'em on the beach to hatch, and then — koo-koo ka-choo! — They find their way back to the Big Ol' Blue.

Andrew Stanton co-wrote the Toy Story movies, Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo and WALL-E. He also directed the last two. What I'm saying is, in the playground of animation, Stanton is on the big toy.

Here he's interviewed on Fresh Air.

As if the credits I mentioned up top there weren't enough, Stanton was the voice of Crush in Nemo & also Exec-produced Ratatouille.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't these people have anything better to do? Like oh, say, I don't know, join up to fight in this war they all seem to love so much?

Via The Village Voice, Rightbloggers wonder "Have we lost Pixar?" because Wall-E has a president played by Fred Willard use an expression associated with the first president Bush.


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the right never had Pixar. And neither did the left. They're not politicians, they're artists, and only bloated gasbags would try to impose their own political perspective on another's art.

Fuck 'em.

If you insist

That's a fine way for Darla, wife of the Crypt Keeper, to talk.

(And speaking of the Saw movies...)

Saw V star Julie Benz hates horror movies

For those of you who have wondered how it might look if the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had been toilet-trained by Jigsaw

Now you know.

Jennifer Love Hewitt perks up my favorite color

Monday, July 07, 2008

How to get me to stop reading your guide for emerging feminists

Amanda Marcotte's recently-published book "It's A Jungle Out There", published by Seal Press, drew criticism because as part of the design, it incorporates artwork from old comics, some of which is considered to be racist.

Marcotte and her publisher have both apologized, and if I understand correctly, the offensive artwork is to be removed from any future editions.

In the past, I've found Marcotte's blogging to be at the least thoughtful, at her best, brilliantly readable, so I requested the book from my library, determined to draw my own conclusions.

Page 17:

Why listen to the same damn crappy '80s music that people didn't like the first time it came out when you can be shaking your newly feminist ass to Le Tigre?

Dear Amanda:

Blow me.

(Better brush up on your field work)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I just need your body baby, From dusk till dawn

Jessica Simpson's boobs have won a poll for that sort of thing.

I can't believe they would ignore all her work as a serious artist and entertainer in favor of her big breasts, can you?

Granted, they do seem very friendly.

Also on the list:

2. Tyra Banks

Yeah, that's valid.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Oh, really, has Scarlett Johansson got beautiful breasts? I hadn't noticed. You'd think she'd dress to show them off occasionally.

4. Carmen Electra

I suppose I'd go along with this, if I thought she was fully human. But I think she fell asleep next to a pod at some point.

5. Lindsay Lohan

They are adorable, aren't they?

6. Katherine Heigl

I have to pass, as I've seen very little of her body of work (tee hee, hee hee, get it?)

7. Audrina Patridge


8. Jennifer Aniston

Um...okay, but (if I may be crude on this Sunday), her boobs are not the part of her that most makes my cock tingle. Her legs and ass, now that's a different story. Or really her whole face, now that I think of it. Anybody remember this girl when she still looked like she ate more than once every three days?

9. Megan Fox

I dunno, maybe it'll change if and when I ever see The Transformers, but I don't get the Megan Fox thing.

10. Beyoncé Knowles

Again, like Aniston, she's certainly pretty good eye candy, but that's not necessarily the body part which I would single out.

So, who do I think they missed? In no particular order:

Tara Reid before the plastic surgery.

Jennifer Lee Wiggins. Who, granted, is not a big star...but c'mon, man, you tell her they're not good enough to make such a list...

Christina Applegate.

Aimee Teegarden. Now, I want to be clear about something. Aimee Teegarden is on Friday Night Lights and like everybody else on that show, she does a very good job.

However, she also just turned 18 last year, and good lord...

Amber Benson.

Seen here in a cute (and actually very Willow, funnily enough) hat.

Anne Hathaway. You knew you'd be seeing a photo of her eventually.

Milla Jovovich. They may be small, but they're sexy.

Paris Hilton..., I'm kidding. Actually I'd be perfectly happy never to see any part of Paris Hilton's breasts again. Or Janet Jackson's.

Moira Kelly


And while I'm on Kellys, Kelly McGillis (seen here with Susie Porter, whose breasts do seem to be looking towards the stars themselves).

And blonde, Southern, Republican lawyer Ainsley Hayes (AKA Emily Procter).


Ok...I know I've mentioned this before...but seriously...Anne Hathaway is trying to kill me

Check out this hip angel in my favorite color


Originally uploaded by DylanF84
When people asked Bob where his sense of wonder had gone, no one belived him when he said men with a truck had come and taken it away.


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This photo just made me smile.


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Joe began wondering why everyone had left the pool.


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The oddly poetic coincidental nature of Jeffrey's T-shirt was only now becoming apparent to him, as he hopelessly scanned for a porta-potty.

RFB 4271

I don't have anything funny to say about this one, I just, um, well...yeah.


Jules looked away in shame, as his coked-to-the-gills friend began trying to lead the crowd in an impromptu rendition of "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls.


Some random art pieces I found and threw together

I repeat: Rose McGowan. What. Happened?

No, seriously, what happened?

I should've mentioned this sooner

Cyd Charisse died last month. A picture is worth one thousand words.

No, that's just a myth.

Is it just me? Or does anybody else think that Madonna is starting to look like Carol Kane?

A flickr photographer that I found and like

Simple kind of lovely
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Halve me.
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