Saturday, December 08, 2007

Yes, I'm in therapy

Is it just me, or does anyone else hear this picture (at right) saying "I think you know you've been a very...naughty boy, Ben?"

It is just me, isn't it?

I can't hold you down, If you want to fly. Can't you see I'm all broke up inside? Well just you use your two x ray eyes

"No, really!" she said. "I don't really have any superpowers to speak of. But bad guys just seem to stop, dumbfounded, whenever I appear on the scene. I don't know why."

people from good homes are talking this year

If there IS anyone out there who thinks I post too many pictures of women who are nude or nearly so...this is not going to make them happy what I think you would just have to call a kick-ass ass.

I couldn't find a source for the artists of these next two, but I found them in this site.

This is "Baigneuse," an oil dated at 1870.

This is called "The Glade," an oil painting dated at 1900. Whomsoever painted it...that's my kinda glade.

I could find very little about this pastel painting, the artist is Gerald Boyd.

This is from a gallery of paintings by a Thai lady artist called Suwannee. It's titled, "Girl with Owl at the waterfall."


Did somebody say, "Owl?" (Looks again) That's right-it's Kpu Lap, "relaxing after a show." Kpu Lap loves the ladies.

I couldn't get one of the images to reproduce, but there's some bronze sculptures here.

This one I didn't find artist or date for, but I think it's an old-fashioned "snuff bottle."

This is a painting by a little known German-born artist named Aloys Kreuzer. It's oil on wood and was painted in 1958-which surprised me, as I would have put it as a lot more contemporary, like within my lifetime contemporary. I have never pretended to be an art collector. I found it on the new aquistions page of this gallery.

I just like this picture. Do I really need to explain why?


Mike Huckabee once advocated isolating AIDS patients from the general public, opposed increased federal funding in the search for a cure and said homosexuality could "pose a dangerous public health risk."

Huckabee said Saturday that his comments came at a time when the public was still learning about HIV and AIDS and promised to do "everything possible to transform the promise of a vaccine and a cure into reality."

"In light of the extraordinary funds already being given for AIDS research, it does not seem that additional federal spending can be justified," Huckabee wrote. "An alternative would be to request that multimillionaire celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor (,) Madonna and others who are pushing for more AIDS funding be encouraged to give out of their own personal treasuries increased amounts for AIDS research."

Love Taylor & Madonna or hate them-and I can go either way-and even without knowing how much of "their own personal treasures" they may have given: It seems to me that what people like them do in terms of giving and raising public support can be at least as valuable.

But about this next: Here's a simple little rule that I find works for me. 98-99% of the time, when someone lets it be known that they're not putting "political correctness" first, you're dealing with someone who knows it is not popular to hate the people s/he hates, and wants some cover to spew their venom.

Case in point:

"We now know that the virus that causes AIDS is spread differently, with a lower level of contact than with TB," Huckabee said. "But looking back almost 20 years, my concern was the uncertain risk to the general population - if we got it wrong, many people would die needlessly. My concern was safety first, political correctness last."

When Huckabee wrote his answers in 1992, it was common knowledge that AIDS could not be spread by casual contact. In late 1991, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there were 195,718 AIDS patients in the country and that 126,159 people had died from the syndrome.

The nation had an increased awareness of AIDS at the time because pro basketball star Magic Johnson had recently disclosed he carried the virus responsible for it
. Johnson retired but returned to the NBA briefly during the 1995-96 season.

All emphasis mine. In other words, don't let anybody blow by this using the "How could he know, nobody knew, who knew?" defense. People did know. And a Republican didn't care enough to listen to the people who had it right. That sound to anybody like an administration we want to repeat?

No more falsehoods or derisions Golden living dreams of visions Mystic crystal revelation And the mind's true liberation

You are shy at first, and because of that, it is hard for you to find lots of random sex partners. You are very intelligent and very into sex.

You will only have sex with clean people, because you are afraid of getting an STD. You are also very kinky and imaginative in the sack. Your partners always have a hard time keeping up with you.

Sex matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio
'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at

Random confessions of a man who likes the finer things in life

Has anyone else ever noticed that Madonna's flop 2003 single "Hollywood"... a complete and utter rip-off of the classic Police song "Message in a Bottle?"

I mean, I can't be the first one to notice this, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere.

Friday, December 07, 2007

You say that as though it were a bad thing

I don't really care (or know) much about the Emo fashion one way or the other, but I came across this and it least mildly hateful.

And it just keeps getting uglier

Here's the latest on the adults who harassed a 13-year old until she committed suicide.

Residents of the middle-class subdivision have turned against the neighbor, Lori Drew, and her family, demanding the Drews move out. In interviews, they have warned darkly that someone might be tempted to "take matters into their own hands."

Last December, after neighbors learned of the Internet hoax, someone threw a brick through a window in the Drew home. A few weeks ago, someone made a prank call to police reporting that there had been a shooting inside the Drews' house, prompting squad cars to arrive with sirens flashing.

Someone recently obtained the password to change the Drews' outgoing cell phone recording, and replaced it with a disturbing message. Police would not detail the content.

Clients have fled from Drew's home-based advertising business, so she had to close it. Neighbors have not seen Drew outside her home in weeks.

Death threats and ugly insults have been hurled at Drew over the Internet, where she has been portrayed as a monster who should go to prison, lose custody of her children, or worse. Her name and address have been posted online, and a Web site with satellite images of the home said the Drews should "rot in hell."

"I just really hope that no one comes out here and does something insane," Buckles [a neighbor] said. "If they do, I hope they get the right house."

(This next paragraph has perhaps the most bitterly funny use of understatement I have ever seen in my life.)

Ron and Tina Meier's home is four houses away from the Drews. The sidewalk is curved, so the neighbors can't see each other from their front doors. The breach between the once-friendly families seems beyond repair.


[Another neighbor] McIntyre fondly remembered another guest - Megan. She came across the street to baby-sit McIntyre's 4-year-old daughter Genna and arrived with a clipboard and notes, determined to do the job right. He said the activity was good for Megan, who suffered from depression for years.

"She was a good kid," McIntyre said.

On Oct. 16, 2006, there was a heated online exchange between Megan and Ashley, who was posing as Josh. A few other MySpace users joined in, calling Megan names. It ended when "Josh" said the world would be better off without Megan.

It just breaks my heart, that's breaks my heart.

Soylent Bikini

(Ok, yes, I know, it's a stretch, all right? Just shut up and enjoy the picture)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Britney Spears (allegedly) working that white trash thing to which I'm so strangely attracted

Uptight and outta sight

A couple of women movie stars have spoken out in support of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the would-be-funny-if-it-wasn't-giving-some-young-woman-somewhere-an-eating-disorder notion that she has anything less than a lovely body just because she is anything more than a size zero.

I feel somewhat validated in telling you that one of those women was Anne Hathaway, about whom you all know my feelings.

"[As an actress], most of the year, your body is your own. But to be ridiculed for it is upsetting. But to also have to defend it or explain it or rejoice in it or put it down, or to be expected to have a public opinion about it... I don't understand when that happened."

(the other was Rosario Dawson)

No. No no. No no no no no no no no no no.

Pamela Anderson Crowned 'TV's Sexiest Woman Ever'

I'm going to make a broad statement: If you think Pamela Anderson is sexy, you probably can't get off except with porn and "real dolls."

Ok, you knew this was coming. Women who have been on TV that are sexier than Pamela Anderson (in no particular order, and this is not intended to be an all-inclusive list):

Christa Miller. Ah, she used to be so terrific.
Before all the Botox, of course.

And her TV sister Tara Reid (who between you and me, really needs to have a long, sad conversation with her agent).

Amber Benson

Alyson Hannigan. Before she dyed her lovely hair to appease redhead-hating Hollywood.

Jane Wiedlin

Christina Applegate. There is always something sexy about a funny woman, but there is not necessarily anything funny about a sexy woman. Fortunately, Applegate is both.

Holly Hunter. She is singlehandedly holding whatever interest I have left in Saving Grace.

Paget Brewster. Her work on Huff is proof that, even on a cable series, a woman can be very sexy while chosing to forgo explicit nudity.
January Jones is worth turning your head for too.

(l-r) Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, Connie Britton & Aimee Teegarden: The women of Friday Night Lights

Elisabeth Moss

And I haven't even mentioned Kristen Bell.

Or Liza Weil, my icon of Annabel.

Or those girly-shaped Gilmore Girls...

Pamela Anderson? Sheeit...

I always knew one day I'd be described like that...I'd just assumed it would be by a woman

...buoyed by Damian Lewis’s breakout performance as the fruit-loving, Zenned-out Crews, which is already garnering Emmy buzz, ["Life"] has gained a small but very loyal following even as its highly touted 9 p.m. lead-in, “Bionic Woman,” falls to staggeringly low levels.

“Life” is averaging a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating and the past two weeks has maintained or slightly built on its “Bionic” lead-in in that demo and total viewers. The show also leads its timeslot among men 18-34, an elusive target on broadcast, and could be a smart replacement for Monday’s struggling “Journeyman” when the writers’ strike ends and new episodes begin airing next spring.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jennifer Lee Wiggins is wearing green eyeshadow

You may notice one or two other things about what she is or isn't wearing, but I am a romantic.

Acting newcomer Kara Houston is really trying to attract my attention

This is the picture of her presented on "IMDb Resume" today.

Worked, too.

Take a trip you'll never forget

Becca has gifted me with a blogging star. This would seem to go along with the small victories I was talking about last night in my other blog. Here's what I am to do:

* Mention that it originated here at Skittles’ Place so I can follow its journey.
* Pass it on to any blogger(s) you think should have it.

I would reciprocate by bestowing my own, the problem is I'm not reading as many blogs these days as I sometimes have in the past.

And most of those I do I've already given one totally fake award or another. I almost feel like I'd rather put out a call for blogs or sites I haven't found yet (for instance, is there a really good Jack Benny site?).

I mean, I could mention Jeopardygirl, who deserves another reader or two.

In laying her award on me, Becca says that my "taste in women and movies is nearly as good as [her] own." As I've said in the past, when it comes to a taste for posting pictures of sexy and/or naked and near-naked women, Becca makes me look like Dan Quayle.

I think she likes "quest" movies more than I do, too (just an observation, not intended as criticism). Then again, tastes can and do encompass a great many things.

Films I've seen and taken pleasure in recently include The Empire Strikes Back, Away From Her, and Meet The Robinsons. I defy you to find much of a connection between those three.

I also observe that Becca has at least a small advantage over me (in terms of how I perceive it) in that she seems to feel freer to post pictures of models, from Playboy or otherwise.

I like to post pictures of movie/TV actressess, singers; woman directors, well and little known.

Your Angelina Jolies, if you will, as opposed to your Vanna Whites or Jessica Albas.

Your Pinks as opposed to your Fergies.

Your Sarah Polleys as opposed to your...well, there really aren't enough women directors to have an opposing example, but you take my meaning.

In other words, women who can do something other than just be ogled.

Why? Well, mostly because I like those sorts of women.

But also because I'm afraid I'll feel like a male sexist pig if I don't.

Whereas Becca, being a woman...

Of course, I do post pictures of models (and "real people") just as Becca also posts the sorts of things I post, but I'm talking about typical differences.

Monday, December 03, 2007

You know...I hadn't really PLANNED to see "The Golden Compass," starring Nicole Kidman, and certainly not in the theater.

...but now I'm thinking that unless it gets really rotten reviews, perhaps I will. Why? Real simple. The Catholic League's William Donohue is denouncing it.

Because he thinks it'll make people buy books. Oh, he has specific books in mind-but I suspect it's the buying of any books more demanding than your average issue of: ... that makes Donohue so uncomfortable.

William Donohue thinks the situation of Catholics in America is akin to that of blacks in Apartheid South Africa. And if 15-year-old boys are molested it's their own damn fault.

Really, I cannot possibly stress this too heavily or often enough: Bill Donohue is one of those jackasses who if you've pissed him off-you can be fairly certain you've done something right.

L'artiste est Morte & Rabbi, P.I.

Just for the heck of it, here's a couple of short clips from The Critic. The first is a knock at self-important student films everywhere.

The second is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Rabbi, P.I.

Here's a scene from the 1980(?) animated film-for-television of Tolkien's The Hobbit

I seem to recall having regular nightmares about this when I was nine. The lyrics for the song are taken from Tolkien; the music is by Maury Laws. Down, down to Goblin town...

Oh, god

Just when you think there couldn't be anything more depressing about the case of Megan Meier, the young girl who was driven to suicide by grown-ups. Called by some "the MySpace suicide." But I don't like to call it that because it puts the implication of blame on a website instead of on the poor excuses for adults who did this to her.

But anyway...St. Charles County, Missouri, Prosecuting Attorney Jack Banas said today no charges will be filed against those adults. This is saddening but not unexpected. What is unexpected is...well...

I don't know why I should feel surprised that the more details I have about the suicide of a 13-year-old girl, the more depressed about it I feel. But see if this doesn't make you want to scream with angry tearful rage:

When Megan's mother returned home, she found her daughter crying at the computer. After reading the messages, she criticized her daughter for using inappropriate language, Banas said.

Telling her mom that "I can't believe you're not on my side," Megan ran upstairs and hanged herself, Banas said.

And I want to finish, for reasons that I don’t fully understand, with this:

He was old but never felt so young
Like a lion to the slaughtered lamb
He watched you crumble
Walked away before the dance begun
Still he says that he has loved you
Like he loved no other
The best kept secret, hidden in years
Is still wrapped up with pride and fear
-Paul Young, "Standing On The Edge"

Another reason why I post so many pictures of Eliza Dushku

Because many women can be sexy in bikinis, but it takes a woman of a certain prominence to be able to make a handkerchief this hot.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

"Tide Pools of Azimech"


This is an Australian singer and actress called Delta Goodrem.

...about whom I know little, save that she is beautiful. And in keeping with women about whom I know little but to whose beauty I am attracted, she's had Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I've just decided to stop resisting it at this point.

Consider the circumstances of being Elisha Cuthbert.

You're a sexy young woman.

But your movie career? Really not what you'd hoped. Sure, you were on 24 when 24 was cool, but even before you left the series, your character had become synonymous with some of the least-cool aspects of the show.

You'll probably need some time to adjust.

It takes a surprisingly small number of drinks to make Michelle Rodriguez want to come into a bush

Jokes I'm going to hell for, #256 in a series.

To "thank me for my support" during this difficult time, Jennifer Love Hewitt is wearing a special garment...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random Flickr Blogging: 5744

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Kpu Lap, the hardest working owl in show business, with his rendition of...Funkytown! Take it away, brother Kpu!"

The Source.

"Daddy...Daddy, I don' wanna play baby bumpers any more."
"Come on, damnit, run!"