Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Oh yes...There Will Be Blood references.

Let's talk about some more podcasts.

The Nerdist Writers Panel is from the "channel" that brings you the Nerdist show itself, Making It, The JV Club and Pop My Culture.  Among two or three others that have been or will be featured in this irregular series.

(Speaking of the JV Club, I was name-checked again in the intro to the new April Richardson episode.  This is exactly twice as many times as I have been mentioned on any other podcast.  My heart is full of pride.  And blood.)

Between you and me, I don't really know what this "network affiliation" brings to the shows apart from the chimes and "Now entering Nerdist.com" opening tag, but what the hell.  What this one is about kind of speaks for itself, it comes billed as "an informal chat" between writers.

Unfortunately, sometimes they're so informal that it's to the show's detriment.  It helps when they have guests who are performers as well as writers.  Such as Dana Gould, who won an Emmy for The Simpsons, but is also a comic whose lines I've been quoting for more than a decade.

 ("We all enter this world in the same way: naked; screaming; soaked in blood.  But if you live your life right, that kind of thing doesn't have to stop there.")

(Second blood reference.  This may be cause for concern.)

Recommended episode: Dana Gould, Liz Tigelaar, Robert Hewitt Wolfe

The Sex Nerd Sandra show, also a fine product of Nerdist Industries, is for people who want interesting talk about vibrators, sexual preferences and proclivities, sex itself and the like.  And honestly, who doesn't?  Within that parameter, the nature of the show is fairly flexible (as is sex itself).

It's also one of those which seems to benefit from the audience at the occasional live shows (as does sex itse...no no, I'm kidding.  For me, anyway).  That opinion may surprise the Sex Nerd herself, who has commented more than once that she is terribly nervous on those occasions, but you can't hear it in her voice.  I can't, at any rate.

Recommended episodes:  Sex, Love & Ninja Turtles with Kevin Eastman, Talking Dirty with Marc Maron,

Let us now talk of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes.  Holmes is a stand-up comedian, but I only know him from the many podcasts on which he's a frequent guest.  As I've mentioned before in these infrequent epistles, there are a lot of rambling comedy podcasts out there.  That's at least part of a lot of their charm.

But Pete Holmes' podcast is Rambling II:  The Very.  I believe that I could play you the first 15 minutes of any episode.  And then the last 15 minutes.  And if not for the fact that at least one of the voices sounds familiar--maybe--you would be hard pressed to tell it's the same show.  It's a roller coaster.

(It's also another fruit of Nerdist labors, making this another unintentional hat trick.)

Recommended episodes: Hannibal Buress, David Koechner