Monday, March 28, 2011

Are you a good list or a bad list?

Good or bad, this is a list of somebody named
Tom's Top 5 Imaginary Lands
This naturally begs the question: Which fantasy world would I like to live in?

I'm tempted to choose the world of Back to The Future, a world wherein it can be both constantly 1985 and Lea Thompson forever young and hot (now she's merely older...and hot).

However, the drawback to this is, it would be a world directed by Robert Zemeckis and there's no way that would agree with me for very long.

'Sticker Plus it's a world where Elisabeth Shue is unrecognizable, and you know that's wrong.

And sadly, not George Lucas' universe either. Sure the music would be great, and it would look very pretty.

But a reality wherein everyone speaks Lucas-style dialogue would force me to hang myself.

So here's what I came up with.

1. The world in which Republicans keep telling me we are living. Where we have a really progressive, even--gasp!--liberal president. I swear if we were living in the world they seem to be tearing their hair out over, I wouldn't need to take pills to go sleep at night.

2. The world of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. All you need to know is: It's Gilliam, plus it has a couple of beautiful girls in it, one of whom grows up to be an incredibly talented director and writer-

(Aside: When, oh when, will Take This Waltz be released?)

-and the other of whom is Uma Thurman.

3. Canada. Don't tell me it's real. No, I'm kidding.

3. Tolkien's Hobbiton
. The one scored by Jules Bass and Maury Laws, pls.

4. The Muppets world.

If I have to explain this one, get the hell out of my blog and don't let me see you back here until you've seen the first two Muppet movies and every single episode of The Muppet Show. I'm sorry, but I have to have some standards.

5. SawWorld.

No, I'm kidding again. The world I live in has enough bleak endings, thank you.

5. The world of Wall-E.
It's a world of enduring love and greatly animated beings, which is all I need in order to be happy to be alive.