Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear god, I love the right wing.

Okay, so I have a "Google alert" set for Sarah Silverman. I think she's pretty funny, though not consistently, and a hot chick (consistently). Once a week it gives me a bunch of links to some of the better news stories and blog entries talking about her. Not sure how "better" is defined, but that's what the setting says (actually, "best").

But anyway, that's how I found out that Silverman had made one of those short videos that she makes, this one in support of Obama and taking a swipe at Romney's billionaire backer Sheldon Adelson (who used to be for Gingrich, until he dropped out). Here's the video.

Now, I don't know how you feel about what you just saw, but to me, that's fairly typical Silverman.  She trades in the ridiculous.  This example may be not as funny as some of her others, but it's really nothing to worry about one way or the other.   Do you agree? Fabulous. I mean fortunately, we are not the right wing.

According to my Google alert, five different right wing websites did items on this video. But I don't recall seeing anything about it from any of the progressive, equal rights emailing lists I'm on.  Which is more than a couple. So on behalf of Silverman--I think I can speak for her in this instance--thanks for the publicity, guys.

It gets worse/better. Not only did the right wing websites post items about the video, they are all, to a one, achingly prudish and self-serious about it. So much so that if you were talking to them about it across a table you'd end up laughing in their face, however rude that might be.

As you might have guessed, I have samples...

Sarah Silverman Campaigns Against Romney With Vulgar Video

Comedienne Sarah Silverman recently starred in an R-rated video titled “An Indecent Proposal from Sarah Silverman” attacking casino magnate and major Republican donor Sheldon Adelson for donating to Mitt Romney.

Vulgar I suppose is in the eye of the beholder, but R-rated that video definitely is not.

The Saws were R-rated movies. I've seen Sarah Silverman in (another kind of) R-rated movie; she was darn good in it, too. That video could run on South Park.

the website and the campaign launched against casino owner Sheldon Adelson is a blatant intimidation tactic against a major Republican donor

No, it's not, unless Adelson is more easily intimidated than you'd expect a billionaire to be.

What that website and "campaign" are is a funny way to get attention for what kinds of people are backing Romney. This is something that the right-wing really doesn't want us to know.  Probably because it's a number lesser than those who are reading this blog (and I average less than 100 visitors a day).

Just when you thought liberal Obamamites couldn't sink any lower into the depths of depravity


"You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Sarah Silverman, who goes from creating contrived outrage to contrived outrage, is a big supporter of Barack Obama and a big hater of Sheldon Adelson for funding SuperPACs aligned against Obama and Democrats

Well, no, Silverman goes from trying to create comedy here, to trying to create comedy there. Sometimes she succeeds, sometimes she doesn't. (Sometimes, she's a dramatic actress. Once in a while.)  But there's not a bit of hate, expressed or unexpressed in this.

To oppose someone is not to hate them. In fact, the offer she's making sounds pretty darn loving to me.

Now, let's go out with some (popular) comments at a site started by the late right-wing flack posing as a journalist Andrew Breitbart:

Disgusting vulgar sow.

Okay, "disgusting," is like "vulgar," which I covered. Eye of the beholder. But "sow?" Silverman is like a female pig? Really? That's not just inaccurate, that's sexist (and come to think of it, possibly anti-Semitic).

Cruelty to animals too!

If what Silverman does with her dog in that video is cruelty, I'd like to put myself forward for similar punishment from Anne Hathaway; Laura Prepon and Miss Silverman herself. They can be thusly mean to me one at a time or all together. I can take it.

This is beyond comedy, this is pukingly lewd.

Because when you want the boundaries of comedy defined, you always want to go to a conservative. Also, "pukingly?" Not a word. And as for "lewd," well, in the words of Dan Fielding,

"You say that as though it were a bad thing."

And finally:

How sick could this people be?

A question we're all asking ourselves, I assure you. Much like: Is our children learning?