Monday, July 07, 2008

How to get me to stop reading your guide for emerging feminists

Amanda Marcotte's recently-published book "It's A Jungle Out There", published by Seal Press, drew criticism because as part of the design, it incorporates artwork from old comics, some of which is considered to be racist.

Marcotte and her publisher have both apologized, and if I understand correctly, the offensive artwork is to be removed from any future editions.

In the past, I've found Marcotte's blogging to be at the least thoughtful, at her best, brilliantly readable, so I requested the book from my library, determined to draw my own conclusions.

Page 17:

Why listen to the same damn crappy '80s music that people didn't like the first time it came out when you can be shaking your newly feminist ass to Le Tigre?

Dear Amanda:

Blow me.

(Better brush up on your field work)

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