Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cops in Lincoln Park, Michigan* have lost their minds

Ok, follow me on this. Teenager calls 911 when her father suffers a seizure. Officer who picks up the call...instead of, oh I don't know, responding to this emergency, picks that point in time to harass her (calling her "a buffoon") for her use of curse words.

He actually hangs up on her. Repeatedly. Then when she runs to a nearby Police station to get help for her stricken father, who does she meet but, yes you guessed it, the same joke of a cop. Who promptly arrests her. Not that he had any law to, you know, charge her with breaking. But I guess all that cussin' isn't very ladylike.

Now: The aftermath is that the girl's father...finally...did get help and is OK now. In his honor, and that of his daughter, but especially in honor of Officer Dickerson, here, I quote George Carlin:


*Yeah, I know. I was hoping it was gonna be Knoxville, Tennessee, too...

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