Monday, July 26, 2010

A few words about the widget at right...

No, I'm not taking commercial space (yet). This production was originally done at the Sacred Fools theater company in Los Angeles, where my pal Corey is a member. He sez...
...we've made our Kickstarter fundraising goal - but that goal was just for the cost of renting a truck and driving the set/props across the country. We still need more to help with the rest of the show's expenses, though, so please either donate below, or come to the L.A. performances that begin this weekend... ticket sales entirely go towards the Fringe performances!

Corey is one of my most generous and supportive friends, and he deserves a good turn. But even if he wasn't and he didn't, Sacred Fools has won about four dozen awards (and been nominated for 100 more). They have a long list of strongly positive reviews; they're worthy of your support.

(They're also the company that hosted the first reading of my play The Girl in the Boat), but I see no reason for you to hold that against them...)

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