Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm a fairly unabashed Duran Duran fan, especially the classic stuff

I've actually got two of their greatest hits collections (in my defense, they were going cheap). I think they're better when they keep to the clubs ("Sunrise") instead of trying to make dreary rock albums (the rest of that album), but that's a matter of taste.

And I especially like this interview. Here's a taste, on what one member (Nick Rhodes) thinks of:

Testosterone-fuelled ROCK critics...If you look at musicians, we've always been very respected for what we created, whereas a certain breed of [music journalist were never gonna like us.

Elsewhere in this interview, you may learn some things you didn't know. I did. Such as that, one of their former guitarists is now in the gay porn world and is selling models of his own penis. Fancy.

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