Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I'm sure Steve Ditko and Stan Lee will be glad to hear that

Julie Taymor has been removed as director of the troubled Spider-Man musical. I have nothing to say about that, not having seen it. However, this paragraph in an NYT article (linked above) on the subject did catch my eye:

“Julie’s an extremely sensitive person, and she has always felt like a mother to her plays, a mother to her characters,” Jeffrey Horowitz, a friend and artistic director of New York’s Theater for a New Audience, said Wednesday. “This is like a mother being taken away from her family. She loves that family. She wants that family.”

Mr. Horowitz, repeat 3,000 times:

They're not her characters.

They're not her characters.

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Kal said...

Boy you got this one so right. You can BORROW the characters but when you start changing what their essential make-up is then you will always fail. I really have no problem with stunt actors risking their lives nightly - hell I would go see that show. What has made this mess fail is that they didn't give people what they expect from Spider-Man and that is something audiences will never forgive. Some concepts are so perfect just the way they are and you, Madam, are not so smart as to make them better.