Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On behalf of Jane Wiedlin*, I resent that


Sarah Palin gets to tell her side of things in an [self-produced] "epic," two-hour-long, $1 million movie that portrays her as a "Joan of Arc-like figure"

Joan of Arc? So they're saying she's a cross-dressing witch that hears voices in her head and believes she has a divine mission?

...yeah, I could see that.

BTW, the movies title is...The Undefeated.

The Undefeated?

Sarah Palin lost the election to be the vice-president. That was a defeat. Shouldn't it be...The Loser?

She also famously quit in the middle of her term as Alaska Governor. The Quitter?

The film argues that Palin took on powerful interests and won major accomplishments quickly,

Name three.

*To say nothing of Orchestral Maneuvers in The Dark.

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