Thursday, March 01, 2012

The things you learn when you're trying to be gracious

Conservative "Journalist" [Andrew] Breitbart Dead at 43

"Journalist" is in quotes in the news item above, I assume, because there wasn't room in the headline for "Right-wing thug, enemy of democracy and lying fink."

Look, I've often liked to point out, in the past decade or so as Breitbart became better known, that I was picking on him before all the cool kids were doing it: In 2004 I wrote this review of his book Hollywood, Interrupted (co-written with Mark Ebner).

Nevertheless, when I logged on just now and saw this news, I was momentarily tempted to do the decent thing. Maybe even to worry "aloud" that Breitbart's apparent recent instability, of which Keith Olbermann among others has made such hay, could have been a repressed cry for help. From a man who, if only unconsciously, somehow knew he was near his death.

That temptation lasted right up until I read the full story to which I've linked at top, which gave me a couple of pieces of information I didn't have. The first is that actor Orson Bean, who wrote the introduction to the Breitbart/Ebner book, was actually Breitbart's father-in-law. A tidbit that appears nowhere in the published volume.

But that's just kind of sleazy; probably not enough to overcome the cultural imperative of "Speak no ill of the dead." However...

After Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts died in 2009, Breitbart tweeted "Rest in Chappaquiddick" and called him "a special pile of human excrement." When critics questioned his tone, he tweeted they "missed my best ones!"

In which case I refuse to feel the slightest bit guilty for blogging thus: Roast in hell, Breitbart. The world is a better place for you having left it.

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