Thursday, July 03, 2008

Overheard yesterday in the video store

I was in the "psychotronic" room--my video store's designated space for horror, "sci-fi," and the like; in the "sci-fi" section, looking at Star Wars DVDs. In the horror section were a young, goth-ish couple, a man and a woman, picking up and considering various titles.

When I heard this proclamation.

"Blood Orgy...hey, you wanna go look at the porn?"

I swear he didn't even pause for breath.

I, on the other hand, needed several seconds to recover.


PJ said...

What an aphrodisiac.

D said...


This doesn't have anything to do with this post but I am curious what you think of your candidate's changing positions. He was against FISA and now is on record as supporting it and now, of all things, is retracting his pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq immediately.

I could list several more "flip-flops" he has made in the past few weeks but I am sure you are aware of his positions since you are a supporter

Anyway, this isn't baiting. I am seriously interested in how you feel about him changing his mind - especially on Iraq. I have tried to discuss this with my oldest son - a Obama guy - but he just won't even talk about it. He says I am making it up - or really that Fox News is making it up. Which concerns me because he is such a bright young man and I simply cannot see how he can ignore these indicators that Obama is just another politician.

D said...

Oh yes, This is TRO . . .for some reason my Google account shows me as "D" now.