Friday, July 04, 2008

That'll take the snap out of your answer

See, here's what happens. PJ questions some of the cover copy on this issue of Cosmo:

She asks:

why men cheat in August… Is this a new trend I’m hearing about?

Caustic fellow that I am, I instantly conceive of an easy joke: I'll find an image of actress Shay Astar, who played August on 3rd Rock from the Sun when she was a teenager (which she's not anymore). And post it with the comment, "Why do men cheat in August? ...Because this is August."

Hey, I said it was an easy joke, I didn't say it was my best.

But the thing is, while looking for a good image to use for this joke, I stumble across Astar's MySpace page. Turns out she's embarked upon a second career as a musician.

In the way of MySpace pages, there are examples of her work playing. And I kind of like it.

Like, not love--to my ears she's got a little too much of that Ann-Margret in Tommy unnecessary vibrato thing going on sometimes.

But still, like enough that it makes it harder to just use her for an easy sex joke.

(And I learn she comes from Santa Cruz, which also doesn't hurt)

And she's changed her look somewhat, too:

Just ever so slightly (but still looks good to me).

So as a kind of penance, rather than merely going for the easy joke, I'm going to send you to the MySpace page instead.

Give 'er a listen--relieve my guilt feelings...

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