Thursday, July 24, 2008

They’re gonna stop Saturday night So you better have fun now (I predict) They’re gonna stop having the sun So you better get tan now

As many if not all you will know, Joss Whedon has a new series coming up starring Eliza Dushku. Some of you may also remember that, in the past, I have occasionally been a bit pissy about "Whedon zombies," or "the Whedon cult."

But one strives to be fair, and I like to think when Whedon's accomplishments merit attention; I give it. At his best, he is a good producer, etc. At worst, well...let me put it this way.

Here's a talk with Joss and Eliza from the TV with MeeVee blog. I'll give this to Whedon, I think he shows a certain amount of self-knowledge when he describes one of the male characters this way:

"...He is kind of a genius, and in that way, he can't stop playing around. But he is also very likeable and delightful and kind of amoral. And he looks down on everybody else, and he has got red hair and thinks he is really cool but he is kind of a nerd. I read about a character like that once, so I based him on that."

(all emphasis mine)

Eliza Dushku, of course, is my creepy girl (if you're not hip to the reference, dig):

In the interview, Dushku is funny talking about why they filmed a new first episode.

I, for some reason did not get to wear my leather pants in the first episode, and that was kind of a problem…that was like a deal breaker.

Thoughtful interviewer asks Eliza's breasts if they have anything to add.

Personally, I'll only make one prediction about the new series. If the show is a hit, fans will say it's because Joss is a genius. If it misses, fans will say it's because Fox didn't take good care of Joss's new baby!

I think we can take that as gospel.

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