Thursday, July 24, 2008

The thing to remember about network news is that it's now run by the entertainment division.

That's why CBS gave the gig to a lightweight like Katie Couric (saying Couric is a lightweight is not sexism, it's just accurate perception). And that's why the TV news media doesn't matter that much to me. It matters some--that's why I have the Media Matters news box--but not much.

Some nights, however, I like to suggest that you go and check out the MM home page. This--as if you aren't already way ahead of me--is one of those nights.

If nothing else, read this sucker:

[Ben] Stein on Obama's convention speech: "Seventy-five-thousand people at an outdoor sports palace, well, that's something the Fuehrer would have done"

This brings to mind a choice of replies.

The first is to picture Stein repeating "Fuehrer? Fuehrer?"

The second is to ask, anybody else think that if conservatives actually had a nominee who could draw "75,000 wildly cheering people," well then they'd like that idea just fine?

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