Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Man, this is weak.

Do you ever begin to get the feeling that maybe the GOP is opposing Sotomayor just because they think they're supposed to? I mean, you'd like to think that if the right-wing had a stronger, less-easy-to-demolish case than this to make, they'd make it.

But they're not.



Bracketman said...

Give conservatives some credit. We don't have to oppose anyone and have supported many in the administration. But a Supreme Court justice has tremendous power to not only reinterpret the law as she thinks it should be but to find interpretations in the constitution that no one else sees there. Every nominee should be scrutinized exhaustively because they have such power over our lives.

Ben Varkentine said...

Give conservatives credit? Honestly, I'd love to, but it's hard when they're opposing a candidate with such evident intelligence and credentials on such fishy grounds.

And it doesn't help that Dick Cheney is their most prominent spokesman.