Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Stephen, do shut up, won't you, there's a good chap.

Or, "Actors shouldn't talk: The concept crosses oceans."

via ohnotheydidn't:

Stephen Fry--who I begin to suspect has a bit of jealousy over Hugh Laurie's American success, tho I'm sure he'd deny it, and I have no way of knowing--has been quoted as saying:

“I have met so many retired politicians and they are all unhappy and bitter.”

You sure that's not just because they were British?

Of the American President, he predicted: “If he has two terms I do not think the second term will end on an up. I think that all political careers end in failure and to be sure he is facing a lot of problems. He has got a lot of credit but he will go through it in the end. Nobody can know what will happen in the future. Who could have foreseen 9/11?

Actually, Stephen, Bush had plenty of warning of 9/11. He just chose to ignore it. We're hoping the new guy pays better attention.

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