Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ok. I've been following what's apparently being called the "MySpace hoax" (this week) for at least several months now. As ever, I object to dragging the technology into it--this is a case of allegedly grown people who decided to be cruel to a 13-year-old. For sport. And did so till she killed herself. The method they used is immaterial.

But anyway. There's many things about this case that keep giving me sour jolts. The latest is in this item saying that sentencing is being delayed for Lori Drew, the woman convicted, while a judge reviews testimony.

[The Judge] was concerned that sentencing Drew for violating a Web site's service terms might set a dangerous precedent. He said millions of people either don't read service terms, as happened in Drew's case, or give false information.

Millions of people don't take it upon themselves to drive children to suicide, either, your honor. The father of the mentally abused girl, Megan Meier, said it in your courtroom today:

Ron Meier, his voice trembling, said he's lived in seclusion since his daughter's death and believes Megan was bullied by Drew.

"It just sickens me that it was an adult who was playing with the mind of a 13-year-old," he said as Drew looked on. "I truly believe prisons were made for people like Lori Drew."

But sadly, bitterly, this part of the story is old news.

Here's what brought me up short. Because, you know, what is really missing from this story? What could possibly make me revise my opinion of the grown-ups involved--who I already think of as having left the human race and left no forwarding address--lower?

That's right, kids.

Homosexual panic.

Prosecutors said Drew sought to humiliate Megan Meier by helping create a fictitious teen boy with the help of her then-13-year-old daughter Sarah and business assistant Ashley Grills on MySpace and sending flirtatious messages to the girl in his name.

Prosecutors believe Drew and her daughter, who was friends with Megan, created the profile to find out if Megan was spreading rumors about Sarah. Grills testified she received a message from Megan in mid-2006, calling Drew's daughter a lesbian.

Emphasis mine.

So you see, they were entirely justified in hounding a child into death.

She'd called one of them a lesbian...and them's fightin' words, where they come from.

I can't stand it.

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