Monday, May 18, 2009

More proof that the best shows don't do well in the ratings (with the possible exception of House).

Oh, well. As expected,

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is NOT on the schedule for next season.

I'm saddened, but of course, not really surprised. As most if not all of you know I was a devoted fan, but it just wasn't delivering the ratings it deserved. A lot of folks will be blaming Fox right about now, but I don't feel like doing that.

As I said about Life, I try really hard not to expect television executives not to act like television executives. They kept it on the air two years, even when it couldn't be what they were expecting from a Terminator show.

Although...again as with Life, there is one thing I do blame Fox for: They tried to sell the show almost entirely on the basis of "Summer Glau is hot." Which she is. But the show (and Glau's character) was about so much more than that--strong women not being the least of it.

And the teeth do grind to think that Bones, which this year started going downhill and picking up speed, has been renewed two more years. Whereas Terminator, which hadn't even peaked yet, has not. But you can't blame Fox for that--Bones wins its timeslot.

I hope that as time goes on, when both seasons are available on DVD, people will realize what a rare series Terminator was. It really shone. Exciting, with Emmy-worthy (if anybody had been watching the damn show) performances.

And from some unexpected sources: Who knew someone as hot as Shirley Manson could be so chilling? From top to bottom, the cast was made of actors I'll be watching for in the future...heh..."in the future..."

If you judge a show by the caliber of guest stars it attracts (and that's certainly one way), Terminator was good enough for a couple of veterans of West Wing (Richard Schiff and Josh Malina) to drop by.

At least I still have Friday Night Lights...

And I'll still be hoping for the new film to suck.

ETA: ABC has cancelled Samantha Who? and I'm not sorry. It started out as a really strong vehicle for Christina Applegate, but couldn't sustain for a second season.

The Unusuals also won't be back, and now that I am sorry about.
"Friends, just heard The Unusuals will not be back for a second season," series creator Noah Hawley shared Sunday via his Twitter account. "Thanks for all your amazing support. Last [four] episodes start May 27."

I wanted more. But here again, I don't really blame the network...if I blame anyone it's whoever came up with the awful title. Something like "Walsh's House," after lead character Jason Walsh, might've been more appropriate.

One of the things that was most "unusual" about this series was the character development. Exactly six episodes have aired so far and I can honestly say that the people we met in the pilot are not the same as those we left in the sixth.

Well they are, but they aren't. Which was kind of one of the points of the show, I think.

I wish I could've gotten to know them even better...

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