Thursday, June 04, 2009

A favorite TV show of mine that's still on the air? How did that happen?

Holly Hunter doesn't take roles based on what she thinks viewers want to see.

"I have, frankly, very few expectations when it comes to audience," the acclaimed actress said. "I've done features, I've done stage and I've done television movies."

"I'm used to having the experience of perhaps missing an audience where your feature, for some reason or another, may not have a large audience, while some of my features have found large audiences, so I am used to both. My expectations are adaptable and they are low."

Hunter need not worry, because she has a hit on her hands with TNT's "Saving Grace," which is soon to debut its third season.

The television drama follows the decidedly messy life of Oklahoma City Police Detective Grace Hanadarko, who lives and works hard while being shadowed by a no-nonsense angel.

"She wants to have conversations about sex, she wants to have conversations about faith," Hunter said. "She is very comfortable with the darkness in herself and with the darkness in others and I want to talk about that. There are not a lot of opportunities to have that conversation in features."

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