Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maybe this is why according to at least one source, she's just my type

Britney Spears was prescribed Prozac—used for depression and panic attacks—at the age of 18. The singer, who rose to stardom in her teens, had stunning looks, bags of talent, a multi-million dollar fortune, and worldwide fame.

According to this test, I could grow accustomed to her face...I question the "bags of talent" part, but anyway, that's not important right now.

Her anxiety was not drug-induced, but was her natural state, which got further aggravated by fame. Britney’s moods noticeably started swinging— high and happy one minute, sad and brooding the next.

And thus, the ‘Womaniser’ star was prescribed Prozac. However, she treated it like headache tablets, and took a pill only on the days she awoke depressed—this seemed to make her more hyper.

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