Thursday, October 08, 2009


More because I want to do my bits to get this out than because I have anything new to say about it. But as you may have seen elsewhere, idiots like Sean Hannity are drawing a false connection between President Obama and--wait for it--NAMBLA.

They've concocted this rich (as in "ho ho, that's rich") fantasy about a young boy being sexually molested by an older man and talking to a then-school counselor about it. The counselor, who now works for Obama, did nothing.

How could any human being be so cruel?

...except that no sexual contact of any kind took place, this is about two males talking to each other. Not "dirty" talk--it was an older male homosexual talking to a young man in the process of realizing his sexual orientation.

Better yet, even if the two had all-the-way anal sex, it still wouldn't have been illegal, because the young man in question was 16 at the time, which is the age of consent in the state.

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