Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen

And might I remind you, I lived through the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, John Kerry's run in 2004, and seasons six and seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But on the level of "What, do you have a brain the size of a pea?"--this one takes the cake.

As you may have seen elsewhere, it is now believed that the Democrats will pass their health care bill.

In order to do so,

President Obama agreed to issue an order reaffirming a ban on using federal funds for abortion in the health care bill.

The thing is, as no one but no one inside the corridors of power have been willing to say...there's nothing in the bill about using federal funds for abortion. Nothing. Nada. Absolutely zip.

In fact, what there is already, is explicit language saying no federal funds shall be used for abortions.

So: In order to make this "victory," President Obama had to play pretend like a child, because poor lil' Bart Stupak stamped his foot and said he wouldn't come play ball unless they played it his way. Even though his way had absolutely nothing to do with the game being played.

(To extend that metaphor, it's like the president--and most of the country--were suited up to play basketball, when Bart Stupak ran onto the floor in a football uniform.

And instead of pointing and laughing, the president said "Ok, let's play basketball by football rules, to keep Stupak from feeling bad about himself.")



Joseph said...

, and Bart stopped everyone and said, "I refuse to play basketball with that oblong brown ball. I demand that we play basketball with a big orange ball." And while everyone else's head was exploding trying to explain what a fucking basketball looked like, Barry saved the game by saying, "Ok everybody, from now on, we will play basketball with this here big orange ball. Happy, Bart, (mumble) you fucking idiot? Now, let's get this fucking game on!"

Joseph said...

odd - first part of comment cut off - started with... Everyone shows up ready to play basketball,