Sunday, June 13, 2010

Books That Make Me Want to Say Fuck You

Okay. You know how if you purchase and/or review things on Amazon, they occasionally send you e-mails of items they're hoping you'll buy from them as well?

I don't mind this at all, actually. Though I've rarely if ever bought something based on their recommendations, it has led me to order a book or two from the library that I might otherwise not have tried.

But today, they suggested, among others, the title "Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment." Well, I certainly would enjoy to find that path, so I looked it up at the library. Here are the first words of the summary:
Composer, musician, and philanthropist Peter Buffett [the author], son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett...

That's right: A "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" guide written by the son of a billionaire.

Fuck you.

Wait, there's more. In the same search results on the library web site, I found this title: "Have a new husband by Friday : how to change his attitude, behavior & communication in 5 days." Consider, for a moment, gentle reader, what your response would be to this title if it said wife rather than husband.

That would be a tad anti-feminist, would it not? Women good. Men bad.

Fuck you.

One more and this, I admit, is not so much of a "fuck you" response as I Really Don't Think That's a Good Idea: "How to set his thighs on fire : 86 red-hot lessons on love, life, men, & (especially) sex."

Back me up on this one, won't you, fellas? Setting our thighs on fire does not make us want to "love you all night long." It makes us want to reach for the special medication spray.

Not that I have any.

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