Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Once again, a few words on a good cause:

I've talked already some recently about my friend Corey and Sacred Fools, so I'll let him take this for a minute. Corey?

Sacred Fools, my theater home of more than eleven years, is now conducting our summer fundraising campaign! The goal is $20,000 by the end of this month. Donors of $50 and over get free tickets and other perks - see the link below! Although we have had some sellout successes lately, we cannot survive on ticket sales alone; the expenses are just too high. Please donate (it's tax deductible!) and help us continue to make award-winning, fun theater!

Thanks, Corey.

I'll just add one wild promise to the above. Now, I haven't checked this with Cor or any other resident Fool, but I feel confident in making this assertion: Your contribution to Sacred Fools is guaranteed not to be spent on response ads to TV stars to run in USA Today.

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Corey Klemow said...

It's true!