Friday, July 15, 2011

Gracious. Don't tell me I offend.

Got a nice note from a fella screennamed "joe_h," who informs me that
You have suckass taste in women.
This is in reaction to an old post here in which I responded to Esquire's naming Kate Beckinsale "The sexiest woman alive."

My correspondent further goes on to say that:
None of the women you named should even be mentioned in the same breath with Kate Beckinsale.

For the record, the other women I named in that old post: Anna Faris, Lauren Graham; Rosamund Pike, Megan Mullally, Bebe Neuwirth, Megan Aniston and Jennifer Fox (or sumthin), Amanda Seyfried and Amy Sedaris.

Now, this was almost two years ago. It is a fact of life that sexy does not always age well.

I'm not sure I'd name them all again now, except maybe Aniston, and I'd probably add Rosario Dawson.

But to say that none of them should be mentioned in the same breath? Is he serious? I'll say he's serious:

The fact that Kate doesn't ring your bell means you are either blind or a fag.

Oh, like there's no chance I could be both?

Sorry. I freely admit Beckinsale does have a certain something (although that something isn't picking good movie roles), but I still don't think she's all that. had to be slapped down for your awful and wrong post.

Consider me slapped!

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