Wednesday, August 01, 2012

It's me again, folks's August First.  You long-timers know what that means.  

It means it's exactly one month till my birthday, and that means it's time for me to point..."subtly" at the Amazon wish list to the right of your screen.  

Notes:  The X-Men book seems to exist in many different formats (by which I also mean prices), any of which would be "acceptable."  I just picked that one to represent since it's like the one I remember from my boyhood.

I'd hope this goes without saying, but most if not all of the MP3's on the list aren't available solely at Amazon.  You could, if you were that sort of person, find them on iTunes and probably other places as well.  But Hard Day's Night, I guess for reasons having to do with some sort of exclusive deal between Apple records and Apple computers, can only be found, as an MP3, on iTunes.

Thank you as always first of all for your consideration, also for your generosity in the past; you should have no fear at all that you must keep up that habit to stay in my good graces.

(Except, of course,  You know who you are.)

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