Monday, June 23, 2008

Want me baby

This is interesting. Someone screennamed "nico92stronger" has taken Madonna's version of the Marvin Gaye song I Want You (recorded with Massive Attack) and cut it to the "legendary" video for Justify My Love.

I put that in quotes because I've always felt the MTV banning, VHS release, "moral outrage;" her ABC-Nightline appearance and ooh-homosexual imagery! was just Madonna's way of making some quick cash.

I suppose you can't knock it for working, though also I never thought the record was much good.

I Want You, on the other hand, I think is evidence for my strongly-held belief that Madonna is a much better interpretive artist than a creative one. Most of her own songwriting attempts sound kind of half-assed to me, especially when she got out of the groove and starting trying to offer Serious Advice.

But given good writers, like Gaye and his collaborators, or Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, or Stephen Sondheim, or Steinberg & Kelly, she can put over a lot of emotion. The "mash-up" of this song with these images is surprisingly effective.

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