Saturday, June 27, 2009

Conversations you can't imagine having about a Sylvester Stallone or Eli Roth flick

Just trying to back up my frequent insistence that the Saw movies are directed with a sensitivity (well...the first four, anyway) and performed with a seriousness lacking in other horror/thrillers...

"Aren't you the girl I saw in Saw III?"

Debra Lynne McCabe is used to those kinds of questions.

"Yeah, I get things like, 'Didn't she freeze to death in a meat locker?' " the Canadian actress said. "And I say, 'Uh, I've done other things, too!' "

"It's funny to me," McCabe said of her continuing pop-culture association with Saw III, which came out in 2006.
"That role was a personal challenge. I needed to be as brave as I could be.

"No matter what I'm playing, intense or not intense, comic or not comic, what I'm interested in is the honesty of the character," McCabe said.
"Sometimes you have to dig pretty deep to find it and you have to go places you couldn't even imagine going.

"Like, I did die in a meat locker in Saw III."

Emphasis mine, natch.

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