Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do not mess with Shirley Manson

T-1001 Shirley Manson slaughtering humans - terminator tscc
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Once again: You're telling me they cancelled this and renewed Dollhouse?

Oh well, at least the second-season DVD set sounds like it's going to be brilliant. But that's a rental--a definite rental, but a rental. However, on the subject of good shows that didn't do well enough in the ratings, I see by TV Gal that "The Unusuals"
will be coming out on DVD, but there’s no release date yet. I’ll keep you posted.

If there's enough drool-worthy special features, that might be a wannabe purchase.

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank YOU for reminding me why I was saddest about the cancellation of SCC. Shirley was the coolest most badass character in a show full of cool badass characters. The thought that I am not going to see her mentor a future time trapped John Connor is heartbreaking. Where was a network like Sci Fi when we needed them to rescue this show? (making a crappy Phantom update thats where) I always have Burn Notice I guess but I can't have Shirley in Miami. Her pale skin would leather up like Gabrielle Anwars in a day and the gods in their infinate wisdom would never ordain that.