Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This is beautiful.

A painting by French Impressionist Paul Gauguin that was attacked by a visitor to the National Gallery of Art in Washington is back on exhibition.

The painting, "Two Tahitian Women," went back on display Tuesday after conservators determined that the painting, which was covered by Plexiglas, sustained no damage after a visitor attempted to pull it off the wall and hit it Friday.

The woman charged in the attack, Susan Burns, of Alexandria, Va., is expected to appear in D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday.

Sigh...wouldn't you just know she'd be from Virginia? (My mother comes from there.)

According to court documents, Burns told investigators: "I feel that Gauguin is evil., Gauguin was an artist. And while I don't know enough about his life to say whether he was a moral man personally-and I suspect my definition differs from hers...doesn't matter. We're talking about one of his paintings, which can be neither evil nor virtuous.

He has nudity and is bad for the children.

Look lady, there's a little thing called context. Not all nudity looks like it comes from the pages of Playboy.

He has two women in the painting and it's very homosexual.

As we all know, two women = homosexual. It's just the way it works.

Just as any combination of six men and women leads you to an omni-sexual orgy:

Oh BTW, this is the painting:

Two Tahitian Women by Paul Gauguin You can clearly see how in this case, the work is not just homosexual, it is very homosexual.

I was trying to remove it. I think it should be burned. I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head.

You know...I'm beginning to think this woman just may be crazy.

I am going to kill you.

I can see I was wrong.

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