Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm starting to like this guy

AmericaBlog reports on Congressman Murtha's appearance on Meet The Press this morning. All emphasis below is mine.
Congressman Murtha, on Meet the Press, responded to Russert's question about attacks on him by Cheney and others. Murtha answered that this is not a war of words. This is a real war where people are being killed. He also said Bush and Cheney can't hide behind rhetoric.

Murtha also said his vote for the war was a mistake. And he reminded Russert that we've increased terrorism in the Middle East. He also predicted we would withdraw American troops before the 2006 elections.

When Tim asked him how his life has changed in the past 72 hours, Murtha chuckled and basically said it's not about me. The public is thirsting for answers.

Yes, I'm starting to really like this guy.

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