Thursday, June 11, 2009

The long, needlessly drawn-out fight to get Minnesota a second Senator today has an offshoot that ought to raise at least a grim smile

Norm Coleman owes Al Franken $95,000 in court costs.

As someone says in the comments on that page, though, it's really only funny until you reflect on the reality of the thousands of dollars and months of time wasted.

And all this because Coleman didn't want to give up the fight even after court after court, and recount after recount, told him he had fallen short.



jeopardygirl said...

Frankly, in retrospect, I wish Al Gore had fought this hard. Is it only cringe-worthy because the loser was a Republican and Franken is a quasi-celebrity?

Ben Varkentine said...

I wish Gore'd fought harder too, but the situations otherwise aren't that comparable.

Gore didn't lose, he gave up when he still could have (should have) won, because he didn't want to be thought of a whiny little loser. He has to live with what that did to his country.

Coleman, as I said, has had election experts, several courts and several recounts all say the same thing: He lost.

Not sure what you mean by quasi-celebrity, but I like Al Franken. I like even more the idea that seating him as a Senator is going to make Fox News' heads explode.

Even if I didn't, tho...he won.

George said...

I made the mistake of giving a token donation to the Franken campaign last summer. They won't stop calling for more fund-raising. It's like trying to deal with a woman who is 15 months pregnant.

Last time they called, I suggested it might be easier to give to a fund to knock off Coleman.