Sunday, June 07, 2009!

See, I have here a dilemma.

On the one hand, I like Mary-Louise Parker, I think she's a very rewarding actress (esp. as Amy on West Wing) as well as just, let's not kid ourselves, a vixen.

Despite this, I have never really taken her series Weeds to my heart. I tried it back when I had Showtime, and it just didn't give me that much pleasure.

Maybe because I don't and never have smoked the pot, tho I've yet to hear many reasons that make sense why it should be illegal.

I think green is a really pretty color, as you may know. I am also an arachnophobe. I think it stems from a glimpse of Tarantula on TV at way too early of an age, like when I was about five or sumthin'.

So, taking all of the above in mind, maybe you can understand why my reaction to this photo...
Mary-Louise Parker Pictures, Images and Photos one of utter, utter confusion.

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